7 Tips for Vacuuming Your Dog Perfectly

Tips for Vacuuming Your Dog Perfectly

If you want to pick up your pet hair effectively, you want to remove the odor and other dirt and debris attached to the dog’s body. Pet dander can be very annoying, and they can be very harmful if someone in the household suffers from allergies. According to experts, what makes dog hair vacuuming even more difficult is that their hair collects almost everywhere within the home. It is important to get rid of dog hair by all means because statistics have shown that roughly 2 out of every individual with pets in their homes will develop allergic reactions to dogs at one time or the other. The following tips can help you vacuum your dog perfectly;

7 Tips For Vacuuming Your Dog

1. Find the Location Where the Hair Collects

You will be surprised that the places where dog hair collects the most are those with static charge, and these are places with less airflow. The places with most dog hair should be places around the laundry baskets, under the beds, sofas, and static chairs. Dog hair may also form clusters in the basement, around the door jams, and the bottom hinges of the door. You can get more information on this on Henry Source.

2. Make use of the Right Vacuum

You must make use of a top-quality vacuum to vacuum your dog. The vacuum must come with very powerful suction. If dog hair causes an allergic reaction in your home, you should make use of a vacuum that comes with HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting). With a HEPA vacuuming, the hair and dander will not blowback in the air while vacuuming.

A vacuum with powerful suction is the most important tool for vacuuming your dog. If you are vacuuming non-carpeted part of the room, a mop is necessary to perform a quick mop-up in high traffic areas. Consider a micro-fiber dust mop in addition to a good dog vacuum in non-carpeted areas of the home. Avoid the use of broom because they kick more dog hair and dander into the air.

3. Vacuuming Hard Surface Areas

When you try to clean hard to reach places you should consider adding some attachments to your vacuum to make the cleaning a lot easier and more effective. You will need at least two attachments to vacuum some difficult areas, these are the stair attachment and Rectangle or Crevice attachment. The stair attachment is a very small version of the vacuum head and it is very useful when it comes to cleaning dog hair on curtains, stairs, furniture, and the smaller carpeted areas. You will need this attachment at some point when you are experiencing difficulties in removing dog hair in certain areas.

The rectangle and Crevice Attachment is another essential tool you need to attach to a dog vacuuming device. This attachment comes with a long and narrow end that ensures that the hardest to reach places can be vacuumed efficiently without leaving any hair behind. There are some areas that the rectangular attachment may not reach but the crevice attachment will. You should consider using the crevice attachment around the hinges as well as the door jams.

4. Make Use of Brush Attachments

Make Use of Brush AttachmentsWhether you are vacuuming the surface or hair of the dog itself or some parts of the home, a brush attachment can make things a lot easier for you. The soft and brittle mouth brush can help in removing dog hair from small but hard surfaces such as baseboards. It can also be used to remove pet hair on delicate surfaces such as the bookshelf.

5. Make use of Scrubbing Attachment

The scrubbing attachment comes with harder bristles than the typical brushes. This attachment can help you scrub the dog hair from off any surface and you can grab as many hairs as you can to form a ball. The scrubbing attachment is, therefore, most suitable for heavily soiled areas. Pet bedding and furniture can be handled with this attachment and it makes vacuuming a lot easier.

6. Perform Deep Cleaning by Moving the Furniture or Other Items

While soft brush attachment can be used in cleaning places like baseboard, and you can use crevice tool attachments for carpet edges, stairs, and furniture. In some cases, the only way to perform a thorough vacuuming and total removal of dog hair are by moving the furniture away. You don’t want to miss any hair trapped under your furniture, therefore you have to move heavy items away from the area to be cleaned.

7. Vacuum More Frequently

Dog hair can quickly buildup around your home over some time, especially if you are the type that pays less attention to vacuuming. According to Henry Source, it is great to vacuum every 2-3 days to remove the dead hair from accumulating to trigger serious issues. If you are the busy type, then you must vacuum at least once every weekend. When vacuuming, you should pay attention mostly to areas where the dog spends most of its time.

Alongside vacuuming, there should be thorough cleaning once every few weeks to perform thorough cleaning with detergent and clean water. Unfortunately, there are some areas of the home where vacuuming is not the best option of removing dog hair. Places like the wooden, microfiber, clothing and suede surfaces, for instance, should not be vacuumed, you should rather use a damp cloth to clean such places.

When you are cleaning surfaces such as dressers, coffee tables, and end tables, it will make more sense to use a clean piece of cloth dampened in water to wipe such surfaces to avoid knocking off certain items. Having dampness on the piece of cloth will ensure that you grab the pieces of hair instead of wiping it around and making it fall on the ground.

You can also make use of rubber cleaning gloves and wipe your hand across the surface of a furniture to remove the dog hair easily. Wearing rubber gloves is effective in removing hair from surfaces but Vacuuming seems to be faster and can even cover more surfaces at a time than rubber gloves.

Here’s a video on how you can train your dog to be fine with vacuum cleaner.


When it comes to dog vacuuming, you will do yourself a great favor by trimming the dog once in a while especially when it is a heavy hair-shedding breed. Some breeds are low and medium hair shedding breeds, you may want to trim their hair once in 6 months, while the heavy hair shedding breeds will require more hair trimming, this could vary from once to twice every 2-3 months to ensure that they maintain a lush and well-managed hair. If you trim their hair, you will spend less time vacuuming the hair from surfaces of your carpet, and furniture.

Other grooming steps such as washing can also help in reducing the frequencies of vacuuming dog hair in the home. If you don’t like vacuuming the home very frequently, you should consider the low to moderate hair-shedding dog breeds, so that you can apply to vacuum once or twice a month.   Aside from vacuuming, it is important to remove soiled areas of the home, especially around furniture and carpet. You can apply hot steam with recommended detergent to mop-up urine and other pet wastes from the affected area.





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