Trendy Fashion Styles for Dogs In 2020

Trendy Fashion Styles for Dogs

If you are a fashion lover like I am, you would always do everything possible to ensure that you are in touch with the latest trends in terms of fashion. But if you can do this for yourself as a human being, I believe your pet deserves the same treatment. Making your pet comfortable by dressing them in cool accessories and clothes should make them look as fashionable as possible. Any dog owner who devotes his time, energy and resources to their dog’s fashion indicates that such a person is a stylish and adventurous person. In this piece, you will find some of the best trends for dog fashion in 2020.

What is the origin of dog fashion?

You may begin to wonder which laws govern dog fashion. In most instances, it is simply a reflection of the desires of the dog owners. For instance, fashion lovers often dress their dogs the same way they dress, thereby creating a mirror effect on their dogs. These days, the outfits of dogs are based mainly on common sense and trends. Different fashion brands also come up with innovations based on research and demand.

Why should you be concerned about your dog’s fashion?

Even though dogs are often protected from the elements due to their natural make-up, many of them still need some measure of protection while in the snow of rain. What this means is that even if you are not interested in how your dog looks, you should be concerned about protecting them. There has been some measure of changes in the fashion of dogs with time. Several luxury brands now make accessories and clothes for dogs using different designs for each New Year. Using the right tips, you can make your dog the center of attraction each time you attend an event.

  1. Rain Coats

This is one fashion outfit that comes in during the rainy days. It is quite comfortable on your dogs as it is often designed to be lightweight, reversible and also waterproof. But always ensure that you get the right fit and size so that your dog can be as comfortable as possible while in it.

  1. Tweed

Most dogs may not be excited about the prospect of putting on tweed. But this does not mean that they won’t wear one. They will have to wear it and even love it eventually. You may want to consider a dark brown herringbone tweed coat designed with a fleece lining and collar. This will help in keeping your dog as warm as possible during the cold periods of the year. Aside from that, it should make your dog look cool and awesome.

  1. Sweater

In the winter month, you should do all to ensure that your dog is as comfortable and warm as possible. This is where sweater vests come in. These vests often come in handy during the coldest parts of the year.

  1. Bow Tie Gingham combination

If your dog is the type that fits the description of one that should be on the cover of a magazine, then you should consider getting it a Gingham shirt with a flower-themed bow tie. This shirt even comes with tortoiseshell buttons which gives your dog a most unique appearance.

  1. Metallic

With your dog on this unique piece of fashion, you can be sure that other dogs would be turning their heads. You and your dog would certainly have a lot of fun putting on this unique piece of fashion. It is also a nice piece of outfit for those special dinner outings.

  1. Accessories

Every fashionable dog requires accessories to complete their fashion. It should be noted that accessories do not only mean leashes and collars. Most well-dressed dogs put on scarves, party hats, ear bows, bow ties, and scarves. It is therefore advisable that you select the ideal accessory that blends with your dog’s eye and fur colors.

  1. Wedding wear

Several dog lovers often involve their dogs on their big day. By getting them suited up, you stand the chance of making your wedding photos as unique as possible. Also, dogs could get married in a wedding dress and veil just like humans!

  1. Costumes

In the world of dogs, costumes are not just meant for Halloween alone. You could get your dog dressed up in such fashion on any day of the week.  If you are looking to create a mark on social media, this may be your opportunity to do so.

  1. Tie-Dye hippie shirts

If you intend hitting the beach for your vacation in the summer with cocktails under the sun, you should dress for the occasion. While doing this, ensure that your dog is not left out also. This is why you should consider giving it a hippie and relaxed look with tie-dye shirts.

A perfect combination for your dog would involve wearing it a vacation styled outfit along with warm shades of turquoise and ocean blue. You could also add summer boots if you intend taking it on a stroll to the beach.

Trends to watch out for in 2020

For the year 2020, you should go for the brightest colors and this would mean that you should explore all neon variations. Also, ensure that you buy your clothes with Japanese street fashion in mind. Furthermore, dog dresses designed using ribbons and crystals should suffice while also incorporating multifunctional accessories and clothes. Ensure that you also go gothic using massive pendants, studs and metal details. Any type of checkered patterns should also be considered with big bows on the neck.

Last word

Your dog deserves the best life and this means that you must do all that it takes to give it the best. Identifying the trends in dog fashion and applying the same for your dog is one sure way to keep it ahead of other dogs. The same way we love to be the center of attraction in a room is the same way our dogs want the same. So why not make your dog trend today!

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