Top 3 Healthy Dog Treats To Purchase

We all like to spoil our furry friends once in awhile and a common way to do that is to surprise your dog with a new package of fresh healthy dog treats. But, how do we know which treats are the best to feed our dogs? Here are a few of the best, healthiest, and nutrient packed treats that your dog will absolutely love.

Top 3 Healthy Dog Treats To Purchase

1. Zuke’s Lil’ Links Dog Treats

            Zuke’s Lil’ Links Dog Treats has succeeded in achieving a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and becoming an “Amazon Choice” on the official website. These top rated healthy dog treats are made out 100% real meat and guaranteed with no by-products or artificial flavors and colors. Only made from the best fruits, vegetables, and meats Zuke’s Lil’ Links Dog Treats has created a trustworthy reputation for themselves. You can purchase these treats in a variety of flavors including duck & apple, chicken & apple, pork & apple, and rabbit & apple. Not to mention how affordable these treats are compared to the quality of the product, you’re basically just walking away with them for close to nothing!

Zukes Lil Links Dog Treats


2. Newman’s Own Organics Peanut Butter Flavor Medium Size Dog Treats

            Newman’s Own Organic takes treats to a whole other level by offering a certified organic, made with natural ingredients, and processed with no additives, dog treat. These treats are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes, as well as all life stages and it provides a refreshing, healthy snack to satisfy your pooch. Just so that you can feel a little more at ease about knowing what you are feeding your dog, these treats include organic apples, organic carrots, organic barley flour, peanut butter, chicken, and rosemary extract to ensure the freshest taste. These snacks do not include any added flavors, colors, hormones, or added preservatives because Newman’s Own Organic believes in marketing only the highest quality products to its’ customers.

Newmans Own Organics Peanut Butter Flavor Medium Size Dog Treats



3. Turkey and Carrots Appetizer Bites by Pet Chef

            Pet Chef is one of the top rated and most trusted dog food brands out there. Their Turkey and Carrots Appetizer Bites were created to be served as treats and are made of 100% all natural ingredients. These treats are made in the USA with no added hormones and only from free-range turkeys. These appetizer bites are freeze dried without any chemicals or preservatives to provide you with the best possible product. These treats are guaranteed gluten, grain, corn, wheat, and soy free as well, making it as easy as possible for you to know exactly what you are feeding to your dog. These treats will improve your dogs’ appetite as well as digestion. Healthy skin, teeth, and gums are also supported with appetizer bites by Pet Chef.

 Turkey and Carrots Appetizer Bites by Pet Chef

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Research a Little Bit to Find More Healthy Dog Treats

Sometimes trying to find a healthy treat for your pet can require a bit of research, but in the end it is well worth it because then you know that what you are feeding to your furry friends is healthy and not filled with ingredients that you’ve never heard of. You can also sleep better at night knowing that there are treats out there to help aid your pets’ digestion and pump up their immune system. So, really it’s not just a treat to your pup, but it’s also a treat to you. It never hurts to look into a few websites or run into your pet store and see what the professionals have to say or offer. Another easy way to compare different choices is to simply pick up a few bags of treats and contrast the ingredients and see which ones you are more familiar with and which ones will benefit your pet more. Here’s another little tip, most dog treat bags will list the benefits to their products right on the backs of the packaging to make comparing products easier for you!

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