Top 3 Dog Nail Clippers Available on Amazon

The challenge of trying to clip your pooch’s nails while they remain calm, can be quite difficult at times, and we all know this. Fortunately, for your convenience we’ve done some research about which nail clippers are most efficient and comfortable for your pet to tolerate. Here are the top rated dog nail clippers, all available for purchase on Amazon.

Top 3 Dog Nail Clippers Available on Amazon

1 – Pro Pet Works Dog Nail Clippers

Stop paying for those costly dog grooming bills to get your dogs’ nails clipped with Pro Pet Works dog nail clippers. This pair of clippers has a built-in nail file and nail guard to make the process easier and quicker for you so that you can do the job in an amount of time that your dog is willing to sit still for. With a sturdy grip guard on the handles of the clippers, this device will not slip out of your hand while you’re trying to position the clippers on your dog’s paw. Even if you are unaware and haven’t used dog clippers before in your life, this pair comes with a fully detailed instruction manual that even include illustrations!

2 – Zerhunt Pet Nail Grinder Grooming Tool

            The Zerhunt Pet Nail Grinder Grooming Tool is a powerful, electric nail filing tool for pups of all sizes. The grinder on this device consists of a diamond bit, which means there will be no need to replace it. With the safeguard cap, you don’t have to worry about cutting too close, causing pain, or ending up with an unnecessary bloody mess. The speed of the trimmer is approximately 600 RPM which means that it is a little bit faster than most electric trimmers on the market, although with its’ genuinely quiet motor and low vibration, it won’t scare your pet away from ever allowing you to trimming their nails. This device also includes three different ports that you can switch out depending the size of your dog and the characteristics of their nails, to make it the most comfortable experience for them as possible.

3 – Shiny Pet Dog Nail Clippers

            This is an eco-friendly dog nail trimmer, who doesn’t like eco-friendly products? It is made out of 100% recycled plastics and rubbers. Don’t worry, it is safe and incredibly easy to clean after each use. This trimmer has fitted and angled stainless steel blades with a quick sensor to prevent common accidents before they happen. Again, if you have never used clippers on your pets before, you don’t have to worry because this design is very easy to use. It even comes with a fully equipped “how-to” ebook guide.

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Why Should You Do It Yourself?

There are tons of reasons why you need (not should) learn how to trim your dog’s nails. Constantly needing to bring your dog to the groomers for baths, nail clippings, etc. can get expensive, if you can reduce your bill a little bit, why not? Accidents happen as well, if something were to happen and your dog has an emergency, learning how to do simple tasks such as these can really pay off. By learning how to take care of your pup yourself, you are also gaining trust and creating a bond as well, so if an emergency situation were ever to take place, your pup would trust you to help them in a time of need instead of being scared of you.

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