How to Get Your Dog The Exercise They Need : Top Dog Exercises

Dogs are almost as needy as children, meaning they need your support to live a bountiful life. So, what happens when you don’t provide them with the best exercise to keep them healthy? Without supplying your dog the exercise he/she needs, you are depriving them of getting the most out of their lives. Weak bones, becoming prone to disease or infection, weight gain, and having little to no energy are all signs that your dog is lacking in the field of physical activity. Below are the top dog exercises that are essential for your dog.

Top Dog Exercises

Top Dog Exercises:

Go Running or Jogging Together

Jogging with your pup is not only an amazing bonding experience, but it also keeps both of you in great shape. You don’t have to be the best runner in the world either, as a matter of fact, you don’t even have to run. Walking is perfectly acceptable, even if it’s for fifteen minutes. As time progresses, go farther and maybe faster. As long as you spend your time dedicated to working with your pup, running/jogging/walking is a great way to spend time together and get the physical activity that you both need.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Teaching your dog how to catch a frisbee in the air or retrieve a ball is a couple of easy ideas of how to get your dog to become more active. You can also pull together a few scrap tires from the junkyard and build up a few platforms to create a small agility course to keep your dog occupied for the days when your run out of time in the day to take them for a walk around the block. Set up the tires vertically so that your dog has the choice of running through or around them, depending on their size. Another way to add to your agility course is to collect a few stray logs and place them a short distance apart to allow your dog to hurdle them. There are many simple ways to increase your dog’s physical activity. It could be as simple as playing a short game of hide and seek or grabbing a ball and throwing it off the back deck for a few minutes before you head to work. New skills such as teaching them to jump through a hoop, leap, or go here and there, your dog will appreciate you for teaching them. They love nothing more than to please you.

Go To a Doggy Playground

Training your dog to have acceptable social behavior is an important task to do, and it is even more important to make sure that they practice those skills over time. It is beneficial to visit a puppy playground once or twice a week and let your dog shed some energy by running and chasing their furry friends. By doing this your dog gets out of the house on occasion and you can have take some time to yourself as well to catch up on that book you’ve been trying to read or check in to see how your friends are doing.

Create a Daily Routine

By doing a few of these activities, either daily or weekly, you will already be helping your pet start their trek down the pathway of physical activity recovery. It even helps if you plan out what you’d like to accomplish each week. For example, if you decide to teach your dog how to retrieve a frisbee on Monday and Tuesday, you might decide to go for a 15-minute walk down the street on Wednesday or Thursday. Eventually, it should become an everyday routine of finding some type of physical activity to do with your pet.

Don’t stop here. Try to read about more and more dog exercises in order to make your dog perfect.

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