20 Must Know Tips For Traveling With Dogs (Infographic)

There are certainly lots of ways to make your road trip a rather enjoyable experience, however, very of them beat carrying along your tail wager along. However, as awesome as this may appear, it is certainly one venture that requires a whole lot of planning and consideration.

It is very much essential that you give yourself as many times as possible with a view to preparing for the journey ahead. It is therefore imperative that you consider the following tips for traveling with dogs before going on a journey on an open road with man’s very own best friend.

20 Tips For Traveling With Dogs:

Here’s an infographic that contains the brief of all the 20 tips.

  1. 20 must know tips for traveling with dogs

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    1. A test drive won’t hurt

Long before you even consider taking your pet on a journey along with you on a rather long trip, be sure to test your road abilities. It may be a smart move for you to try your hands on the wheels for a 3-hour test drive in order for you to see just how they would react.

There a couple of things you need to be aware of when you are traveling with a dog,  some of these includes its ability to travel without suffering from bouts of anxiety, motion sickness or even get agitated. In the event that your pet is unable to handle such a situation over such a short trip, it suffices to say they will only fare worse on longer journeys. This simply means keeping them at home in such a scenario is one of the vital tips for traveling with dogs especially if you do not want to encounter any avoidable issue.

  1. Diet and medication is a must

In the event that your pet is under a certain medical prescription, it becomes quite vital that you have the medication refilled just before you embark upon such a trip. Furthermore, it is important to point out that one thing any animal cannot do without is food, and dogs are certainly not left out of this equation. It is therefore important that you come along with as much food as possible before embarking on such a trip. It is even advisable that you come along with a little extra food for the trip so as to be able to survive whatever unforeseen delays that may arise during the course of such a journey.

You certainly do not want to be faced with a situation where you have to purchase something different to what they may already be used to eating per time. This is especially important if they have a sort of restrictive diet. In such a situation, getting the wrong food may well cause an upset for their stomach.

  1. A few not too obvious accessories won’t hurt a bit

If you have plans on going out for adventures to the outdoors alongside your dog, there are certain accessories you ought to consider as one of the vital tips for traveling with dogs. a few of them will be highlighted below:

Booties: The terrain may be quite a challenge for the feet of your dog, hence you may want to consider getting them appropriate footwear. The fact, however, is that there is always the tendency that they would hate the boots hence the need to get them used to it ahead of time. This is so as to help them get used to the boots. If you want to know how to travel with a dog in a car without wondering how they would fare on the outside, this is certainly one accessory you must purchase. Check out our article on choosing best dog booties.

Brushes: One thing about switching climates is the fact that there is bound to be a large volume of hair loss. Having your own rush simply means you will be able to reduce the volume of hair that would be lost. Check out price for dog brushes on Amazon.

Hiking pack: It is not a bad idea to make your pet feel useful as well, you could get them to carry their own food and water. Check the lates price for a good quality hiking pack on Amazon.

Collar light: Definitely, when it becomes quite dark, you certainly won’t want to lose your dog to the darkness of the night. This is in addition to the fact that it also serves as a wonderful backup source of lightning. Click here to check the latest price.

Pet First Aid kit: It is a fact that pets also have their own medical needs hence the need to properly pack the needed first aid materials along with you on such a trip. This is especially so owing to the fact that there may be a number of bruises and bumps along the way. Check the updated price for one of the best Pet First Aid Kits on Amazon.

Bowls: It may not be ideal to travel along with a stone bowl of your dog along with you on such a journey. This is even more so if you want to travel with puppies as well. In this case, you may want to consider cheaper collapsible bowls to get the job done.

Tent for two persons: One of the vital tips for traveling with dogs is the fact that you need them to be close to you when you are camping out in the open. This is therefore why you may need to consider going for a two-person tent. Exposing them to the open may portend a number of dangers such as attacks from a number of other animals as well as the weather. Here you can check the latest price for a great quality tent for two persons.

An additional collar: In the event that the collar your dog may be wearing breaks off or gets lost, an extra one may well be the hero for that day.

Jackets: If you seek to travel with puppies, you will definitely have to be aware of the fact that they tend to get cold. It is very important when you will find yourself in a different climate to get yourself a jacket. In addition to this, if your pet is susceptible to anxiety, then a thunder jacket is definitely a must-have. Check the price for a good quality jacket from Amazon.

  1. A medical checkup before leaving will do more good:

    It is very much essential that you are sure of the ability of your pet to travel in a car. This is even more important in a situation whereby your pet may be suffering from an underlying medical which you aware of and requires medication to get comfort for the duration of the journey.

  2. Look out for pet-friendly accommodation:

    The reality on the ground is the fact that pet-friendly accommodation may be a huge challenge to locate. However, you should understand that the fact that it is a pet-friendly place does not mean that it is the best place to go.It Is therefore important that you confirm their policies especially the policies for dogs. You should also consider if there would be any added charges while also scouring the alternative.

  3. Pick your activities and destinations wisely:

    The fact remains that some places will always be better off for your pet than others. It is therefore wise for you to find out which of the places allow pets and which one is better suited for your pet. When traveling with a dog who has always only lived in a suburb, for instance, such a dog may not know how to respond and react in an environment such as Manhattan.

    It is therefore imperative that you do not completely disconnect them from their comfort zones with new faces, sounds, as well as smell. It is your duty to gradually mentally prepare them for the concept of moving to a new place. It is also important that you do not surround them with strangers, this can have an overwhelming effect on them and they may not really be prepared to know how to accordingly react.

  4. Bed, toys, and blanket may well come in handy:

    One of the vital tips for traveling with dogs you must never forget is the fact that they are creatures of habit. What this means is that whenever you take them along on a trip, it is advisable that you take along with you the things which they are used to in terms of smell so that they do not feel strange or in any way anxious.

  5. Tags for the collar is a must:

    Despite the fact that it is expected that one ought to be careful when moving with a dog, it does not totally eliminate the risk of something going wrong. This is why it becomes necessary to maintain up to date tags on the dogs so as to ensure that such dogs make it home safely.

  6. Have a well-designed pit stop plan:

    If you are new in the game and not too familiar with how to travel with a dog in a car, you must understand that dogs just like humans need a little break from time to time during the journey. They need breaks such as a bathroom break, time to eat and also sometimes a little time just to stretch and lay down. With this in mind, it is essential that you have enough stops planned out so that you do not suffer any accident or anxious dogs along the way.

  7. Puppy pads do come in handy:

    Regardless of if you seek to travel with puppies or a dog that is a seasoned traveler, puppy pads certainly do come in handy for journeys. You may certainly want to consider lining up their crates with pads especially when you are on the road with them so that unavoidable events can indeed be avoided. They also come in handy when your dog needs to undergo an unexpected swimming or even when they step into something that is not all that appealing and you do not have as much time to get them properly cleaned off.

  8. Roaming animals is not ideal:

    It is quite essential to ensure that while you are traveling with a dog, you keep such a dog restrained using a pet seat belt or even a kernel especially while the car is in motion. Also, have it at the back of your mind that this is not just for the safety of your dog, but also for the safety of each and every one inside the vehicle as well. A report by Consumer reports indicates that a dog weighing 60lb on a journey of 35mph can turn into 2,700 lb. projectile especially during the course of an accident.

  9. A recent photo of your dog may prove important:

    No matter how careful you may be especially when you travel with puppies, you can never rule out the possibility of them going missing. This is the main reason why a recent photograph of your dog may well come in handy on your journey.

  10. Avoid feeding your dog before a long journey:

    If you are about to embark on a journey that may eat into the meal time of your dog, it is important that you get them fed at least 3 hours before the start of the journey. It is however pertinent that you only feed your dog something light.

  11. Ensure the dog gets micro-chipped:

    A microchip is certainly one sure way of giving your dog added security especially in the event that the collar of your dog slips off.

  12. Consider white noise at night:

    This is one of the most important tips for traveling with dogs especially if you are staying in a hotel and your dog gets anxious about noises at night. In such cases, you may be asked to leave the premises of the hotel. In the light of this, it is important that you recognize that there are lots of white noise applications which your dog could make use of to mitigate the amount of external noise it hears at night.

  13. The doggy organizer should come in handy:

    You may choose to have a toiletry bag converted into a seat organizer and help ensure all your dog stuff are kept in a single place. This should certainly help make your job a lot easier and faster.

  14. Paws and heads must remain in the car:

    If you are the careless type that does not mind your dog popping its head out of the window of your car from time to time, you run the risk of your dog jumping out of the window. In addition to this, winds at high speeds may prove to be harmful to the ears and eyes of your dog. Therefore, it is advisable that you only have the window rolled down if the dog is properly restrained or inside a kennel.

  15. Teach your dog the basics:

    By teaching your dog certain basic commands such as “go now” will certainly help in hastening the potty breaks. This is especially important for those looking to travel with puppies as it should help them go for bathroom breaks especially in areas that are unfamiliar.

  16. Know the nearby pet clinics:

    One of the very essential tips for traveling with dogs is that you ought to have the contact information of every nearby veterinary clinic saved to your phone. This is so because you do not know just when an emergency situation may pop up. You may also want to consider those which handle emergency situations during after-hours.

  17. Upon arrival, get settled in:

    This is one of the most important tips for traveling with dogs, this is so because it is one moment every traveling dog owner looks forward to. The moment you get to your destination, you will need your pet to begin settling into their environment with familiar food, blanket as well as toys.

This should certainly be enough to ensure that your journey with your dog is a pleasurable experience both for yourself as well as for your dog. It may not eliminate all the challenges, however, it should help mitigate them to a considerable extent.

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