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Clicker Training Dogs in 5 Easy Steps

Clicker training dogs is proven to be one of the most effective dog training techniques ever discovered. The objective of clicker training is to provide a positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors of your puppy. This type of positive reinforcement is only effective if the dog knows that when they …

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Crate Training a Puppy In Just 4 Easy Steps

Crate training a puppy

There are a variety of benefits to crate training a puppy, or dog. If you own a new dog, or puppy, you can use a kennel (or crate) as a way to limit their boundaries throughout the house. Traveling with your puppy also goes a lot smoother if they are …

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Top 5 Dog Kennels That Your Puppy Will Love You For

Here is a complete list of the top 5 dog kennels for breeds ranging from all different sizes. These kennels have been rated and reviewed highly upon consumers’ responses. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION PRICE RATING (out of 5) MidWest iCrate Double door, folding kennel, ideal for large dog breeds, divider panel, easy …

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