Keeping hygiene with pets in the house

Keeping hygiene with pets in the house

Pets are adorable, cute, fluffy and if you own one, you know that it’s the best thing that can ever happen to you. However, being a pet parent is not easy because they are messy and needs constant care.

If you love pets but are a hygiene-freak, then you have a dilemma.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect hack to get you out of this mess. Follow these 10 simple and effective tips to get that Instagram-worthy home with pets – both coexisting in harmony with hygiene.

Tips To Keep Hygiene With Pets In The House

1.  Shower Power

It’s only natural for pets to get dirty. So, a good shower or bath is the best way to keep them clean. Even aquarium animals need their water changed every few days or so – it’s their version of having a shower.

Keep in mind that while a shower will increase a pet’s hygiene level, frequent showers can do more harm than good.

Pets, especially cats and dogs excrete natural oils and frequent showers will get rid of them. This may result in itchy and irritated skin for your pet.

2. Training

Keep Your House Tip-Top with PetsPets are zealous beings – always on a sugar rush and at the same time, they are birdbrained when it comes to norms and rules. They need training and need to be schooled in certain ways of life.

Your pet should be aware of what is acceptable or not. Setting ground rules on acceptable biting and scratching, where to go for those toilet rush, or how some meals are off limit can be a tedious job.

Potty training, muddy paw wiping before entering the house should be a must on the list for a cleaner home.

3. Cleaning

Vacuums are an easy cleaning feat but not when you have to do them continuously or thrice a day. With pets, this means more walking around, more shedding and lots more stress.

Before you blow your cool, there are few pet-friendly carpet cleaners that you should have. These will help you attend those pet-related messes – ranging from hair to spills and accidents.

4. Lightning Speed Reflex to Accidents

When nature calls, no amount of decency or discipline can stop the force. Pets wouldn’t be able to flash you a distress call because of its too many procedures. When you got to go, you just got to go.

For a house that thrives on hygiene, you need to be faster than “Flash” with your reflexes. If your pet did its business on the mat, then clean it up as soon as possible.

However, don’t let it spread when you can act on it right away.

5. Ventilate

When was the last time you opened the windows? Been a while huh?
Letting in fresh air will help with air circulation inside your humble abode and keep it breezy and pleasant smelling.

A closed room will eminently leave behind a trail of leftover food smell, pet smell, and others. Also, since dust particles are trapped and can’t leave, this is going to cause an odd odor inside so your best bet would be to unlatch that window.

6. Wash ‘em Squeaky clean 

Fluffball, Mad-dog, your retriever, is one hairy dog with beautiful locks. These locks would also glisten on its bed, the carpet, sofa etc. These should be kept in check and scheduled for a wash every other week.

Your pet’s bedding needs a constant wash before it collects too much hair, tick, dirt etc

Pillowcases and their toys are no exception either. These can acquire a good amount of dirt agents, so wash them frequently.

7. Nitpicky on Cleaners

It’s absolutely alright to be a hard critique when it comes to cleaning agents.
Not all cleaning materials are going to blend in with your requirement right away, the perfect fit needs some sleuthing around.

If your pet sheds a lot, vacuums that don’t attend to scooping up those hair strands are a big no. Cleaning Alcohol-induced cleansing materials are essential to consider when washing is an excessive task.

8. Cleaning Boot Camp

There are certain times that call for an intensive cleaning intervention. You may need to mentally prepare for setting a schedule aimed specifically at having a whole day, dedicatedly cleaning your entire house.

While you may clean every day, time crunches for having a busy life can leave you cheating on your cleaning chores. Therefore, be a hard nut about setting a cleaning schedule and abiding by it.

9. Limits 

This is a rather strict measure to consider but you have to be level headed and contemplate on the do’s and don’ts when your pets freedom is in question. Make sure your pet can move around freely but with restriction.

For clarity, you may consider not letting your pet near the nursery or have them steer clear of the kitchen during meal prep.

Repetitive pilot drills are required before he comprehends the message loud and clear but keep at it.

10.  Upgrades

Having a beautiful home with a loving family and amazing pets is the dream no? However, if you have a bed that has a prominent scratch mark by the side or a sofa that has parts chewed off is not perfection.

You know it’s time for an upgrade when your furniture does not really complement the interior. Your pets are going to be chirpy and spirited around the house. A few hiccups on the furniture should be expected.


It is a tough call to make when deciding on a pet. If you already do own one and feel its too heavy on the responsibility, then yes! Yes, it is. However, you shouldn’t feel regret because they are amazing.

For all fellow pet owners or newly turned pet owners, there is nothing to fret over. Why? Because you will eventually get the hang of it. Having a clean home is the fantasy but have faith and perseverance.

Eventually, the yin-yang balance will be restored with time. Break a leg!

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