How to Train Cat to Use Toilet : Steps to Make It Easy

The idea to train cat to use toilet seems impractical at first but become digestive with the passage of time. This is because most of the people do not believe the idea until they see all this practically. Very few of us know that cats can also be trained to use toilet. Although the training process brings some setbacks for the owners, yet a little patience and consistency can bring positive results in this regard. Different people use different techniques to get rid of cats’ waste because it is the only drawback of keeping these at home. One of the best techniques is to train your cat to use toilet in the home. Most of the people who keep cats as pets specify toilets for the cats. Following are the important ways to train cat to use toilet.

How to Train Cat to Use Toilet

Steps to Train Cat to Use Toilet:

1-Specify the Toilet that is easily Accessible

The very first and the most important step is to specify a toilet for the cat. For this purpose, always select the toilet that is easily accessible. This is because an easily accessible toilet will make the training process quite easy.

2-Use Litter Box and Place it in the Toilet

Training process is rewarding if you are training a kitten. This is because it will be accustomed to the settings until it grows into a cat. Use litter box for the kittens and place this box into the toilet that you have specified for the cat.

3-Start raising the level of Litter box

As your kitten becomes accustomed to new settings of using the litter box in the toilet, start raising the level of the litter box slowly. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that raise the level of the litter box by keeping in view the age of the kitten. You can also use the litter box for a cat also. This toilet training should always be for healthy and outgoing cat.

4-Place Litter box on Toilet Seat

After you have successfully trained your cat to use the litter box placed at the level of the toilet seat, place the box on the top of the seat. Use the duct tape to fix the litter box so that the cat may not knock it off. This step is troublesome if there is no separate toilet for your use. Three to four days of training is required for this step.

5-Use Training Kit

Now, you can replace the litter box with cat toilet training kit for some days. Different kinds of kits with different accessories are available in the market. Most of the kits will fit the size of the toilet and are equipped with different pieces to increase the size of the hole in the middle of the toilet. Try to fill the sides of the tray with flushable litter to make the cat feel that it is using the litter box. This will make it comfortable for the cat to use the toilet.

6-Remove the Litter tray

After ensuring that your cat has become used to, remove the litter tray. If your cat is well trained, it will go to the toilet without any hesitation and any issues of using litter box. Here, it is important to mention that if the cat stops responding at any of the steps, go to the previous step and repeat it. Then, proceed to the next steps slowly.

In the end, we can say that it is not impossible to train cat to use toilet. Only a great degree of patience is required for this purpose. Use of cat potty training kit is always recommended for quick results.

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