How to Train a Cat: 5 Effective Cat Training Tips

Cats are the creature that lives very close to human beings. These have become an essential part of our lives over the years. This is because all the religions of the world preach to love this creature. Cats usually do not learn behavior. In other words, we can say that training cats is not as easy as training dogs. But, this certainly does not mean that the cats cannot be trained. We can bring changes in their behavior with some tips and tricks. An extra degree of patience, motivation, and reinforcement is always necessary to teach and train a cat. This is because each cat will react differently for different training sessions. Always try to teach one trick at one time because the cats get confused if more than one trick is taught at a time. Reinforcement of every trick is always necessary to let it master the trick. Following are the tips and tricks about how to train a cat.

how to train a cat- 5 effective cat training tips

How to Train a Cat:


The first very important tip to teach and train your pets is to reward these for every good these do. Cats also learn by rewarding. Always pat or treat these with love when these perform some good task. Here, one thing to remember is that cats learn by their own way and you should have patience. Rewarding for any good act will reinforce it to repeat the act again and again. Pets are usually rewarded in the form of some best dry cat food. Training your cats with loud voice will create stress for it.

2-Keep Training Sessions Short

Cats are novice by nature and cannot undergo long training sessions like dogs. Thus, always keep the training sessions as short as possible. This will also motivate it to undergo such sessions on daily basis. Training session of only a few minutes is enough to train the cats. Believe in the saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’ and repeat the sessions time and again until you see a positive reinforcement. The duration of training may also be different for kittens and adult or senior cats.

3-Teach Basics

One of the best ways to train your cats is to teach the basics first. For this you should master the skills of how to train your cat. Always try to train it to sit through some trick. This is because sitting is not only the basic skill but will help you to teach the other skills too. Try to make it sit with the help of some food that it likes. Keep the food at such a level that it has no other choice but to sit. Repeat this trick again and again. Keep it rewarding until it masters the skill.

4-Avoid Punishing

Cats are much delicate creature and never learn by punishment. Avoid punishing these on little mistakes because punishment will create stress. This stress will slow down the learning reinforcement and it will take long to teach and train your cat.

5-Show Patience

Although pets training need a lot of courage and patience, yet a little more is needed when you intend to train the cats. This is because the cats do not learn as fast as dogs and other pets. Never lose heart and keep training the cat for certain activities again and again. Reinforcement will enable it to master the skill.

To sum up, it can easily be said that a lot of courage and patience is needed to teach and train the cats. You can also take ideas from the guides on how to train a cat to get more positive results.

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