How to Put on a Dog Harness : Top Effective Tips and Ideas

It’s important to get your pup the exercise it needs, which may include running in your backyard or going for a leisurely stroll down the street. If you take your dog out in public it’s most important to keep he/she on a leash at all times, however this can be difficult for owners with rather large and muscular dogs who are more than capable of pulling the owner along on the walk. This is how to put on a dog harness the correct way:

  • Make sure your dog is sitting down, and maneuver yourself behind the dog. Do not let your dog lay down because you will have a difficult time fitting their legs through the harness.
  • Check to make sure the buckle is unclipped and slide the largest loops over your dog’s head.
  • You should be able to see where the smaller loops are to fit your dog’s legs through, and do so gently.
  • Make adjustments for how tight the harness fits near the chest area and around the back. Keep in mind you want to leave room for your dog to breathe.
  • Clip on the leash to the back strap of the harness and you are ready to go!

How to Put on a Dog Harness

Reasons to Invest in a Dog Harness

Safety is the main concern when it comes to dog harnesses. They provide you, the owner, with the power of being in more control over you pets, rather than running the risk of letting them tug the leash right out of your hand.

Hooking up a leash to your dogs collar can actually be more dangerous than letting them roam the streets alone. This is because when you tug on a leash connected to a collar, you’re applying pressure around the dogs’ neck which cause cause them to choke. It also limits their oxygen intake and makes it harder for them to learn. A harness takes the pressure from the neck and disperses it across the back. It is also harder for your dog to play “Houdini” in a harness, and escape, with the risk of losing identification.

All dog harnesses are different and no matter which one you buy, there will be strict instructions of how to put on a dog harness and how to wear a dog harness the most effectively for the most comfort as possible. Most harnesses are relatively similar, with a clip either on the back of your canine, or under the sternum.

Dog Mobility Harnesses

Dog mobility harnesses are often used by older dogs who are aging, have arthritis, recently had surgery, or have issues moving about on their own. A mobility harness lifts the dog’s mass from below (beneath the chest and  the pelvis), distributing this weight more evenly over the large padded surfaces making it easier for them to move, especially for larger dogs whose owners cannot pick them up without potentially harming both the dog, and human.

Where to Purchase a Dog Harness

There are many sites where you can purchase these specific dog harnesses, and Amazon is a huge one. They have a wide variety of all different sizes that meet the criteria for your pet. There are harnesses that come with different sized handles for the owners’ comfort as well. No matter where you look, you will be able to find an affordable, comfortable dog harness for your pet that provides the right function for you. But, don’t forget to do your research first, the last thing you want to do is purchase a harness that will induce too much pain, or have little to no effect in the long run.

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