5 Ways To Help Your Pet Live A Balanced Life

Help Your Pet Live A Balanced Life

There are thousands of people every day who do their research in order to start living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The people who understand the purity of this idea begin to make certain life changes that can impact them both physically and mentally. Their aim is wellness, and wellness means wholeness. It means there is nothing missing and everything is centered in their life.

However, did you know pets have that same opportunity to live a centered and balanced lifestyle? People who are in tune with their pets understand their little nuances, quirks, and responses and can tell whether or not their pet feels well that day. If you are a pet owner and have been researching better ways to help your pet stay healthy and well, our experts have research the five strategies which will help your pet live a balanced lifestyle just like you.

#1 – Exercise Your Pet

We’re a big fan of the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. Ceasar Milan understands animals to the point that it’s scary. However, when he is met with a pet that is out of balance, the first question he asks the owners is, “How much exercise does your pet get every day?” You would be surprised that the majority of pet owners exercise/take their pet for a walk less than three times per week.

Exercise is critical for your pets well-being and mental status. Without exercise pets can become ferocious and angry, territorial, and misbehave because they are not allowed to release their pent-up energy. This is a trifecta because when you exercise your pet you are allowing them to do what nature intended which is roam free. Another great aspect of this strategy is how exercise helps the pet mentally as well. Make sure you are walking your pet at least thirty minutes every day to get the best results.

#2 – Mind Stimulation

Whether you believe it or not, your pet has to be challenged every once in a while in order to create better brain cells that create balance. This is where you can get creative but here are some ideas: Make sure you are playing with your pet and giving them the attention they want and need from their owner. Practice a new trick with your pet while giving them treats. Any type of games or activities is a perfect example of mind stimulation for your pet.

One study shares that people who have had their pet for longer periods of time actually begin to ignore their pet more often. This brings about negative stimuli and can become harmful and cause your pet to create symptoms of depression and anxiety. Make sure you’re getting out and spending some quality time with your animals because, just like your kids, they need your love and affection as well.

#3 – Incorporate CBD Oil

In 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill which allowed the hemp plant to be cultivated in the United States. This meant that one of the most prominent ingredients in this plant, CBD (cannabidiol) could be consumed by Americans and their pets. Since then, CBD has grown in popularity and has been known to improve cognitive function, aid in depression, pain, and PTSD, and much more.

However, while all of these aspects are great for humans, science has also discovered it is great for animals as well. Especially dogs. Dogs have a very sensitive endocannabinoid system and it has been proven that including CBD oil with your dog creates a better sense of overall well-being in your pet. In fact, Kats Botanicals article about CBD for pets shares some very important information you should know and why you should keep a consistent regimen of CBD for your animal. If you are considering a health and wellness lifestyle for your pet, it is crucial that you research more about CBD. It has been a great help to so many animals who suffer from different ailments and it can help your pet too.

#4 – Stay Updated With Your Vet

Of course, every time your pet sneezes you don’t need to rush them off to the local veterinarian. However, it is important to understand to keep regular check-ups scheduled in order to stay updated on the health of your pet. Updated shots and well check-ups are critical to the well being of your animal. This will continually show you and your vet a general health baseline of where your pet is at and can grade him/her when they aren’t well.

#5 – Let Your Pet Socialize

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a pet who is stuck in someone’s backyard for years on end without other animals to interact with. Scientists have concluded that a pet who does not get the attention or interaction of other animals can slip into a depression and anxious state of mind which is hard to bring them back out of. Social interaction helps your pet to understand how they need to act and react when they’re in public. If your animal shows signs of boredom, this can lead to chaotic behavior you don’t want or need in your home. Make sure you’re taking your pet to the park where they can interact well with other animals and humans.

Your Pet, Your Decision

Clearly, the final decision is up to you. The responsibility of whether or not your pet eats right, consumes healthy things, gets love, attention, and socialization rests on your shoulders. There are so many things that happen throughout the day and it’s important to remember there’s a little animal out back who loves you very much and is depending on you for their health and well being. Don’t let them down. You have the power to regulate each and every thing they come in contact with throughout the day. Make sure your pet has the opportunity to be the animal nature intended – happy, healthy, and balanced because a pet that reacts in this way makes the entire family happy.

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