Top Dog Friendly Hotels to Stay at Next

In relation to our article titled, “Pet Travel Tips and Essential Supplies to Pack With For Along The Way,” we have created a short guide to provide you with information about six dog friendly hotels that offer you the best service for your next vacation.

#1 – La Quinta

If you’re planning on traveling with your dog and you happen to be looking for a dog-friendly hotel to stay in, you’d have a pretty good chance at being able to bring them along to the La Quinta Inn. La Quinta has over 830 destinations across the U.S., and only four of them don’t allow pets! These locations are San Antonio Conference/Medical Center; Manhattan and Queens, New York; and Monterey, California. La Quinta typically allows you to bring up to two dogs or cats (per room) for no extra charge!

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#2 – Kimpton Hotels

            The Kimpton Hotel chain has to be, without a doubt, one of the highest dog friendly hotels to have existed to this day. We aren’t kidding. Kimpton allows you to bring (not only your dog), but just about any other pets that you might own (including your feathery or scaly friends). They provide amenities for you and your pets as well, such as pet beds and a list of pet-friendly parks and restaurants nearby the hotel. Kimpton doesn’t even charge a fee for the type of pet you bring in, or for space in the room. And, if you decide to stay in any Kimpton hotels without a pet, they will showcase a complimentary pet fish for the duration of your stay!

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#3 – Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel has seven locations (five of which are in the U.S., one is in Panama, and the other in London) and all of which are indeed “dog friendly hotels.” The Ace will charge you $25 each night for the first pet, and (depending on location) additional pets may either cost an extra $10 a piece or be completely free of charge. However, if you decide to bring your dog to the Ace, be sure to call and let them know beforehand to give them a little bit of an upper-hand. They ask that you call ahead of time in order to prepare, especially if you have a somewhat larger dog.

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#4 – Loews Hotels and Resorts

            Fees for each of these hotels and resorts vary by destination, but a $25 flat fee is what’s most familiar. At the Loews Hotels and Resorts, your pet will surely be treated like a king or queen. The limit of pets for each room is two, and amenities include food and water bowls, pet mats, pet beds, treats, and (if you bring your cat) even a litter box. Each room comes with a pet-friendly menu that features handmade treats for your furry pals, made carefully by the hotel’s chef. How does it get better than that?!

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#5 – Best Western

Best Western hotels are pretty typical across the U.S., and I’m sure we’ve all seen one at some point during our travels. But, I bet you didn’t know that they are ultimately one of the most prominent dog friendly hotels in the U.S.! Best Western provides over 1,600 properties of pet-friendly hotel service across the United States. They allow the standard, two dogs of up to 80 pounds each, per room, and the maximum charge (per day) for your pet is $20. The overall maximum amount they charge for a week is $100, so it’s a whole lot cheaper than some places! If you’re planning on traveling with exotic animals, make sure you call and ask them if it’s okay first. Nobody wants to travel with a snake in the back of their car for hours to find out that they aren’t allowed to bring the snake into the hotel with them. In most cases, the Best Western hotel staff will work their best with you, but it’s also essential the let them know beforehand.

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#6 – Other Options

Traveling with pets to hotels for extended periods of time can be nerve-wracking, and don’t worry we get it. Especially if your dog has high-anxiety issues while being in new areas or surrounded by a significant shuffle of everyday life, there are other options for you.

For instance, take a look at Airbnb. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to (far or near), all you need to do is put in your location, how long you’d like to stay, pet-friendly accommodations, and bam! Done. An entire list of private rental locations will pop up for you to scroll through and you can choose the one you think would work best in your favor. Another plus to using a site such as Airbnb to book your travels, is that more often than not it is significantly cheaper than booking a hotel or a resort.

Another example of a website that you could do the same thing with is VRBO (otherwise known as Vacation Rental By Owner.) This is practically the same thing, where you can put in your information such as where you would like to be, what type of house/rental you need, pet accommodations, price, etc., and a list of available properties for rent will show up, and you are allowed to choose one that you’d like. On this website, it even tells you exactly what all of the amenities in the house are, what types of restaurants surround the location, and so much more! How cool is that? So, you know exactly where you are going to be, and what’s in the surrounding area!

Word of Advice

            Now that you’ve read through some of the top-notch dog friendly hotels and a couple of other options that you could pursue, take into consideration that they are so many more ways you could travel with your pet, comfortably. Don’t be afraid to call and ask a local hotel if your dog is welcome there for a night or two, and don’t hesitate to explore other options if they say no. There are always people out there willing to rent out their property for a little extra cash to families.

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