Top 12 Dog Boots That Stay On : Finding The Perfect Fit

One of the best things about dog boots that stay on is that you no longer have to worry about messy cleanups from mud or snow after you and your pet enjoy some time outdoors. In addition to this, some other uses and benefits of dog shoes include:

Benefits of Dog Boots That Stay on

  • Protection from harsh weather elements

On a scorching day, sand and pavements can get extremely hot, making it uncomfortable for your pet’s paws. On the other hand, in freezing conditions, if your pet isn’t adapted to that sort of weather, it can be difficult to walk. Dog boots can be used in any weather condition, be it hot, cold or wet. They ensure your dog’s feet stay dry, warm and generally at ease in any situation.

  • Protection from injury

You may end up taking a walk or a hike with your canine friend in an area with a rough and uneven terrain, which may be littered with sharp objects like broken glass, thorns, sharp stones or rocks. Dog boots help to ensure your pet’s feet stay constantly protected in such cases. In addition, they also shield your dog’s paws from icicle shards when temperatures drop severely.

  • Relief and protection for a wounded paw

If your pet has suffered any injury to their feet, dog shoes help to provide relief and accelerate healing. They also help to protect the paws from further injury. Some dog boots include shock absorbing padding that could help to reduce any pressure to the wounded foot that may slow down recovery.

Finding The Perfect Fit Top 12 Dog Boots That Stay On

Top 12 Dog Boots That Stay On

Dog Boot Ratings Price
My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog Shoes 4.1 $
Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots 4.1 $$$
QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots 4 $$
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots 3.8 $$
EXPAWLORER Non-Slip Dog Boots 3.8 $$
Bark Brite Neoprone Dog Boots 3.8 $$
Petacc Water-Resistant Dog Shoes 3.7 $$
LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog Boots 3.7 $
Xanday Waterproof Dog Shoes 3.6 $$
Okdeals Mesh Dog Boots 3.6 $
Maxgoods Waterproof Mesh Shoes 3.6 $
Prumya Waterproof Dog Shoes 3.5 $


Dog Boots Buying Guide

Out of every other factor you would have to consider when buying dog boots that stay on, the most important is the size of your pet’s paws. You must choose a size and fit that isn’t too tight that it becomes painful and it must not be loose either, as the idea is to keep the shoes firmly fixed to your pet’s feet. Other factors to consider are:

  • The material of the shoes

As your dog may be using the boots in the rain, you should opt for a pair made with waterproof materials.

  • The security of the closure

Most top-quality dog boots are fastened with adjustable Velcro straps, which provide sufficient security without leading to discomfort.

You could also pay attention to the general comfortable feeling of the shoes, how easy it is to wear and take off as well as the all-round protection they offer. The soles would also need to provide ample traction and stability while moving. Some dog shoes also include reflective strips to enhance visibility at nighttime.

Quality matters. No matter how resilient and rugged a pair of dog boots is, consistent use would eventually cause them to wear over time. Therefore, you want to get top-grade ones from the get go to ensure durability. In terms of the look, it really depends on you how aesthetically pleasing you want the shoes to be but it would not be advisable to sacrifice practicality for style.

These other factors are secondary though, if from the start, the boots do not even fit or stay on.

Measuring Your Dog’s Feet

It has already been established that getting the right fit is the most guaranteed way of ensuring that you buy dog boots that stay on. Below is a guide to measuring your dog’s feet as accurately as possible.

  1. While standing, firmly place your pet’s paw on a plain sheet of paper, making sure it splays exactly as it does when walking. You can aid this by holding the opposite paw with one hand so your dog’s weight is fully on the paw you want to measure.
  2. Mark the furthest left point of your dog’s paw as well as the right side. This is to find out the width of each paw.
  3. Next, mark the front and back of the paw, including the toenail to determine the length.
  4. Finally, compare your measurements with those provided by the manufacturer to pick the best size. If, according to the manufacturer’s size chart, it happens that the size of your pet’s feet is between two sizes, go for the bigger size to make sure the boots aren’t too tight.

The most ideal size would be one that isn’t overly fitted that it causes discomfort or so loose that it doesn’t stay on.

Top 12 Dog Boots That Stay On 

  1. My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog Shoes

My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog ShoesA tried and tested pair, the My Busy Dog shoes are one of the most popular at the moment. They come with a solid waterproof sole that stops your pet from slipping and sliding, providing stability and traction while walking or running.

When outside, the shoes offer your pet’s feet protection from any sharp objects that may cause harm as well as rough grounds and salt during winter. They can also be worn inside on tiles and hardwood floors.

The soles of a number of dog shoes have been cheaply glued to the fabric. This is not the case with My Busy Dog boots. The soles are firmly sewn to the high-quality fabric of the shoes. They are great for use with older dogs that have developed arthritis and degenerative myelopathy.

To ensure a more secure and comfortable fit, the shoes expand with a wide split seam opening and Velcro straps that can be easily adjusted. They are easy to put on and take off and come in up to eight sizes.

Key Features:

  • Tough waterproof sole that provides grip and stability
  • Rugged for any weather condition
  • High quality construction
  • Wide split seam opening with adjustable Velcro straps

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  1. Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog BootsThese highly functional dog boots can be worn and used on various surfaces as they are made with tough and sturdy Ruffwear-designed Vibram outsole. The top portion of the shoes has been made with breathable mesh that allows ample air in but also keeps out dirt.

The shoes feature a hook-and-loop closure system that is wrapped over the slimmest part of your pet’s feet to guarantee a secure fit. They also come with a gusset design which opens up sufficiently to easily wear and take them off. These boots are 100% machine washable. They can be bought in sets of two or four, each set available in eight sizes.

Key Features:

  • Made with breathable mesh fabric that provides ventilation and keeps out dirt
  • It has a secure hook-and-loop closure
  • Machine washable
  • Can be ordered in a set of two or four

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  1. QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots

QUMY Waterproof Dog BootsThe QUMY flexible water-resistant dog boots provide warmth and dryness for your pet. The bottom of each shoe is made with molded rubber to produce an anti-slip and skid-resistant effect, providing ample traction and stability. They offer protection from stones, grass, mud, dirt, sharp thorns and generally any objects that may cause injury.

Like many other top-quality dog boots that stay on, these open with a wide split seam closure and reflective Velcro straps that are completely adjustable to create a secure fit and improve nighttime visibility.

It also means there is no difficulty wearing and taking them off. Cleaning these shoes is as easy as pie by simply throwing them in the washing machine and air drying. Each set comes with four shoes available in various sizes.

Key Features:

  • Soles made with strong molded rubber
  • Anti-skid and anti-slip
  • Secure reflective Velcro fastening for enhanced nighttime visibility
  • Machine washable

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  1. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Durable Dog BootsIf you require highly functional snow dog boots that stay on for a senior canine or one that finds it difficult to walk on tiles or hardwood floors, then this pair is truly one to consider. These boots are made using durable and high-quality water-resistant nylon material. The soles are flexible and provide grip, preventing your pet from slipping.

The boots have been designed with a wide split seam top opening that makes for stress-free wear as well as an inability to slip off too easily while moving. Velcro straps are also included to create a firm and secure closure. In addition, a substantial amount of foam has been added to cushion the grip.

The structure of the soles makes these boots fit for use both indoors and outdoors, sturdy enough for any weather condition – be it hot, dry, ice cold or wet. Protection against residue that comes from rock salt is also a given. The boots are machine washable.

Key Features:

  • Made with waterproof nylon
  • Excellent traction
  • Foam padding provides adequate comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable in any weather

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  1. EXPAWLORER Non-Slip Dog Boots

EXPAWLORER Non-Slip Dog BootsProtecting your dog’s paws has never been easier with the EXPAWLORER non-slip dog boots. Featuring a flexible design and grooved soles for better grip and paw protection, they are ideal for walks on hot pavements as well as snowy grounds.

The can also be used indoors. Each boot features an expandable closing system, making putting on and taking off a breeze. To ensure these boots stay on, Velcro straps have been conveniently included to provide a secure fit without being uncomfortable and reflective lines keep your pet detectable in the dark.

To further improve comfort and provide support for your pet’s paws, these boots have been ergonomically designed. To effectively clean these boots without destroying them, it advised that you hand wash and air dry.

Key Features:

  • Good grip and stability
  • Velcro straps for snug and comfortable fit
  • Great for nighttime use
  • Ergonomic design

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  1. Bark Brite Neoprene Dog Boots

Bark Brite Neoprene Dog BootsThese dog boots work well in any weather, for both indoor and outdoor activities such as walking, running and hiking. One distinctive feature of these booties is that they have been designed to take on the natural shape of your pet’s paws.

The inside of the shoes are also lined with a soft but durable anti-skid sole which is effective in regulating temperature. They are highly waterproof, resistant to puncture as well as tamper and provide grip.

They help to keep your pet’s feet warm, clean and dry in addition to providing protection from injury caused by sharp objects. Two reflective straps attached to the boots ensure a snug fit and enhance visibility at night. They can be bought in any one of five sizes.

Key Features:

  • They adapt to your pet’s natural paw shape
  • Anti-skid sole regulates temperature
  • Waterproof, tamper-resistant and excellent traction
  • They increase nighttime perceptibility

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  1. Petacc Water-Resistant Dog Shoes

Petacc Water-Resistant Dog ShoesIf you are a pet owner who enjoys outdoor activities with their pets, you would surely appreciate the sturdiness of this water-resistant dog shoes. It is made with tough and flexible soles which are also skid-proof.

They are great for use indoors but are also rugged enough for days your pet wants to enjoy outside play, offering protection from rain, ice, snow, mud and stones. It is effective in any weather, hot or cold, wet or dry.

They are easy to put on and take off as they features a wide split seam top opening. The light-reflecting and adjustable fastening Velcro straps do two things – they ensure the shoes firmly remain on your dog’s feet but also keep your dog safe when it gets dark. To clean, these shoes need to be hand washed and air dried.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant, rugged and durable
  • Increases safety during night use
  • Quick and easy wear
  • Secure closure
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

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  1. LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog Boots

LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog BootsThe comfortable but functional construct of these shoes makes them one of the best dog boots that stay on. The upper part of each shoe is made from waterproof oxford fabric and its inside is covered with a soft lining to provide coziness for your dog’s paws while walking, running or hiking.

Dogs with bandaged or injured paws would also find them perfect for use. The flexible anti-skid soles help give traction, making walking on tiles, hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces less troublesome. Your pet is also protected from ice, snow, winter salt, hot pavements and many more.

The good thing about these shoes is that with the right fit, they are difficult to slip off your dog’s feet, even though wearing and taking them off are easy. Opening and closing them are effortlessly done by use of an adjustable and reflective elastic strap, which conveniently improves nighttime visibility. They are sold in various sizes and colors.

Key Features:

  • Great for injured canines
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof and flexible skid-proof soles
  • Inexpensive
  • Ensures safety when used in the dark

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  1. Xanday Waterproof Dog Shoes

Xanday Waterproof Dog ShoesThe wear-resistant soles of these dog shoes are made with durable and high-quality waterproof material to ensure your pet’s paws always remain dry when used in the rain or on snowy days. The top is constructed with a soft fabric and is easy to put on and remove.

The shoe opens up with two light-reflecting and adjustable straps that guarantee a secure fit and safety when used in the dark. It comes in a set of four shoes, in various sizes and colors.

Key Features:

  • Made with soft but durable materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Light-reflecting for safer use in the dark

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  1. Okdeals Mesh Dog Boots

Okdeals Mesh Dog BootsThe Okdeals dog boots are made with breathable mesh fabric and the flexible soles have been constructed with a sturdy anti-skid material. The shape and thickness of these dog boots also feature a tried and tested design and they are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Because of how rugged these shoes are, they are great for protecting your dog’s paws from stones, dirt and mud outside, while providing warmth when needed. They are ideal and effective for any weather condition. Each shoe comes with a wide split seam top opening to make putting them on quick and smooth.

They are fastened by two long and adjustable Velcro straps which ensure a secure fit and reflective strips allow your dog to be seen in the dark.

Key Features:

  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Flexible skid-proof soles
  • Excellent indoors and outdoors
  • Rugged enough for extreme weather conditions
  • Maximum security from long adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Great for enhancing nighttime visibility

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  1. Maxgoods Waterproof Mesh Shoes

Maxgoods Waterproof Mesh ShoesAs it is with most good quality dog boots, these have been constructed with comfort and security in mind. They are made with a breathable lightweight fabric your dog can benefit greatly from. The material of the rubber soles provides traction and protection from the elements as well as many physical dangers.

They are easy to wear, open and close. Two adjustable and reflective Velcro straps are used to securely fasten them to make sure they stay on. They also make nighttime use much safer. They are available in various sizes.

Key Features:

  • Secure but comfortable construction
  • Lightweight but sturdy and durable
  • Superb grip and stability
  • Great for use in the dark

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  1. Prumya Waterproof Dog Shoes

Prumya Waterproof Dog ShoesThese stylish and highly attractive orange shoes are comfortable, lightweight and offer protection for your pet’s paws when used both indoors and outdoors. The top of the shoes are made with soft but durable fabric while the sturdy and resilient soles provide grip and stability.

They feature tightening sticky straps that make them easy to wear and the great news is they stay on once on your pet’s feet. They are available in seven sizes.

Key Features:

  • Highly stylish orange color
  • Comfortable and lightweight but strong
  • Provides traction
  • Secure sticky strap closure

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Putting on Dog Boots on Your Dog

  1. While your dog stands, carefully insert a paw in a fully open dog boot, including declaws if the top part of the boot is high enough.
  2. Run your finger around the edges of the boot to aid the paw slide to the front of the boot.
  3. As your dog remains standing, lightly press the front of the boots to certify that the paws are completely in and placed at the front. To do this, you can lift the opposite paw so all the weight is placed on the foot you are trying to assess.
  4. Once you are sure the paw is fully in, place it back on the ground and tuck in any excess hair before securing the boot and proceeding to repeat these steps for other feet.


Getting Your Pet Used to Dog Boots

Wearing dog boots would take some getting used to by your pet. Here are a few tricks to making the process much easier:

  • Start with the two front paws so your dog can be gently introduced to the idea of wearing the boots.
  • Save the long outdoor walks or runs till later. Allow your dog get comfortable wearing them indoors first.
  • Get absorbed in your pet’s favorite activity to take the focus away from the shoes.
  • Gradually train your pet by rewarding with treats each time the boots go on while also giving positive reinforcement.
  • Be patient but persistent. It may take some time, but your effort would yield results eventually.

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Dog Boots: A Necessary Accessory

Dog boots are quickly gaining popularity in the world of pet owners. You may not see it as something essential to begin with but owning them poses more benefits than disadvantages, particularly if you love to indulge in outdoor activities with your pet. The best dog boots that stay on offer protection from harsh weather elements, keeping your dog warm and dry in the snow or rain. When the weather is unusually warm and outdoor floors become unbearably hot for your pet, dog boots aid in providing much needed relief. They also help injured dogs recover more quickly. What’s more, you no longer have to worry about getting your home dirty or messy cleanups!

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