Clicker Training Dogs in 5 Easy Steps

Clicker training dogs is proven to be one of the most effective dog training techniques ever discovered. The objective of clicker training is to provide a positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors of your puppy. This type of positive reinforcement is only effective if the dog knows that when they hear the sound of the pet clicker, that they are doing the correct action. Ways of helping your dog become familiar with the concept of clicker training is by using treats, snacks, or a small pat on the head after they act the correct way, hear the “click,” and are rewarded a surprise.

Clicker Training Dogs in 5 Easy Steps

The Steps to Clicker Training Dogs:

Here are 5 simple and easy steps to kickstart clicker training dogs in only a few minutes. Once your dog grasps the concept pretty well, and understands what the clicker represents, you will be using this technique in no time, and on the daily!

Step 1:

Start out with a simple command that your dog might already know, such as “sit.” As your puppy sets their bottom on the ground, click the clicker, and within the first few seconds reward them with a small treat. This will teach your puppy that when they hear the pet clicker that they have done your command correctly and will be rewarded for it. If your dog struggles to connect the dots that the “click” is associated with a positive reward, then start out with an even more simple approach. Grab 10 small treats out of the treat bag and hold them in your hand. Click the pet clicker, and then give your dog a treat, but don’t make them do anything for it. After the treats are gone, say a command (“sit”) and as they respond correctly, click the clicker and give them anyone of these 15 different puppy treats. Do this as many times as it takes for them to become familiar with the concept.

Step 2:

Once you feel as though your dog has grasped the concept (and you will know they have it down if you click the clicker device and they immediately look at you for a treat), try this technique out with a new command. Try using similar, or simple commands such as “stay,” “come,” or “lay-down.” It also works better if your dogs are already familiar with these commands and understand them so they can deliver the correct response.

Step 3:

When you’re clicker training dogs, always reward them with a treat at the sound of the “click” from the clicker device, because that way they will understand that when they hear the noise, they’ll receive a reward. As they start becoming more comfortable with the clicker, then space the occurances of the treats further apart. For instance, when they start to understand that the “click” means a treat, make them obey you for 2 or 3 clicks, and then give them a reward.

Step 4:

Only start clicker training dogs with new commands once they have the concept embedded into their brains. If they don’t know what the sound of the clicker means, they won’t know what to do when you try teaching them a new command, and then they’ll just get confused which makes the learning process a lot harder.

Step 5:

Remember that if they don’t do the correct action to not reward them with a click, or a treat. The point of clicker training is to train your dog to understand that when they hear the noise of the puppy clicker, to know that what they are doing is correct. If they hear the click, and then you tell them “no,” they’ll just get more confused and have mixed feelings about the clicker altogether from there on out.

A Little Bit of Advice

Click for action; reward for position. That is a fairly easy rule of thumb to follow when it comes to clicker training dogs. You want to be sure not to reward your puppy for an action that was incorrect or that you didn’t approve of. By “clicking” for the action, and only rewarding for the correct position, you will accomplish all you need to for your dog to successfully learn the clicker training technique.

Which Type of Clicker is Best For You?

There are so many different types of pet clickers out on the market for you to go out and explore. The great thing about clicker training dogs is that you don’t need any one specific clicker to get the job accomplished. No matter what size, noise level, or type of clicker you buy, it will have the same effect. Therefore, you’re able to purchase the clicker of your choice, and what suits you best. Clicker noises are often similar sounding, however different clickers can be louder, or quieter, depending on which one you get. You can also purchase a wrist coil for easy access when you’re training your dog and you want to whip around your clicker real quick.

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