Cat Clicker Training: 4 Essential Steps

Training pets is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. This is because you have to face many setbacks during this training session. A great degree of patience and consistency is needed to train certain animals. Training is not restricted to some specific species. You can train almost all the animals with effort. Cats are also among those pets that cannot be easily trained. This is because these are a lot different to dogs in this regard. However, there are many who have achieved desired results from cat clicker training. The experts even say that if you want to take your cat outdoors, you should clicker train these to obey your commands.

Clicker is a small device that makes clicking sound. It has various shapes and sizes. You can train various things to your cats through these clickers. Following are some of the most important ways to train the cats through clickers.

4 Essential Cat Clicker Training Steps

Cat Clicker Training Steps:

1-Assembling the right Tools

The very first and the foremost thing to do for clicker training your cats are to assemble the right tools. One of the best tools is the treat for the cats. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that no other treat can be reinforcing than best dry cat food. Your cat will always respond to win this treat because there is a lot motivation in the treats. There are also some cats that are not attracted by the food because these are not foodies. You will have to do something else to get the desired results.

The second tool that you may need is the device to produce the same sound every time. For this, you can buy cat clicker from any brand store. This device may also be used to produce light or vibrate. Repeat this process again and again to reach the desired results.

2-Count Every Click

When you have assembled the tools, use the clicker to produce sound, light, or vibration. After clicking, give the cat treat instantly. Let it eat and then repeat the same again. The data shows that any cat can learn this training after 20-25 repetitions. This will create a link between the treat and the click in the mind of the cat.

3-Use this Click for Other Behavioral Changes

After you know that your cat responds the clicks always, try to use this click for other behavioral changes. A simple click with a reward will get you desired results. For example, when your cat is engaged in some wrong activities, use this clicker method to change its behavior.

4-Target Training

Continue this clicker method for the targeted training also. Here, one thing to keep in mind always is that bring the target at the nose level of the cat. You can also make your cat sit down by bringing the target exactly over its head. But, there should be a distance of about 2-3 inches between the target and the nose of the cat. It will try to sniff and touch it with hard labor. Move this target away and make the cat reach it.

It is necessary to tell that use the click only when the cat is responding to the click and showing the desired behavior. This means that time is of utmost importance because it will play a vital part in the reinforcement.

In conclusion of cat clicker training steps, we can say that you can train your cat for any desired activity with the help of clickers. Only repetition of the training is needed for this purpose. A lot of patience is also needed in this regard.

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