Choosing Wooden Dog House :11 Best Wooden Habitats For Your Canine

Right now, wooden dog house is the most common and highly sought after types of dog houses. There are a number of things to gain from choosing a wooden dog house for your pet. There are, unfortunately, a few down sides to this option as well.

best wooden dog house

Pros and Cons of Wooden Dog House :

Let’s take a look at these benefits and disadvantages to help you make a fully informed decision when going this route:


  • The temperature of a wooden dog house would typically stay the same no matter what the external weather is like
  • It provides adequate insulation from both heat and cold.
  • Wooden dog houses are generally sturdy and durable.
  • Wood is the easiest material to work with when constructing dog houses.


  • They are highly prone to pest – particularly fleas and ticks – infestation. This can, however, be combatted by either choosing a dog house made of cedar or placing a layer of cedar shavings on the floor, beneath beddings. Cedar shavings are excellent for repelling ticks and fleas. They also help to efficiently absorb moisture, keeping mold and mildew at bay.
  • Wooden dog houses need the greatest maintenance as wood is susceptible to wearing over the years. It usually requires you to re-paint, re-shingle and re-proof every year to make sure it stays efficient.
  • If you need to move the dog house from place to place, you may find the ones made with wood heavy. This would obviously not be an issue if you don’t intend to carry it about.

Top 11 Wooden Dog House Picks

Wooden Dog House Rating Price
Pet Squeak Arf Frame Wooden Dog House 4.4 $
Petsfit Dog House with Wire Door 4.4 $$
Petsfit Outdoor Dog House 4.2 $$$
TANGKULA Outdoor Dog House 4.2 $
Merry Products Wooden Dog House 4.1 $$
Petsfit Dog House with Stairs 3.9 $$
TRIXIE Pet Products Dog House with Balcony 3.9 $$
Pet Squeak Dog House with Porch 3.9 $$
TRIXIE Pet Products Clubhouse 3.8 $$
Best Choice Log Cabin 3.7 $
Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin 3.7 $$


Features to look out for when buying wooden dog houses

  • Raised Flooring

To allow for more effective drainage if water should get into the dog house, the floor should be constructed in such a way that the height at the front is slightly lower than at the back. The floor of the dog house should also be able to keep out the cold. To achieve this, the floor would need to be adequately thick or, even better, it should be elevated. Raised floors do not only keep your pet warm and dry; they also make for better air circulation.

  • Water-resistant and Weatherproof

Most times, a dog house would be treated with a sealant to make it weather- and water-resistant, able to withstand the elements. This makes it durable. Though it is important to choose a dog house that is resistant to water and is weatherproof, the safety of your pet is an even greater priority. Endeavor to select a dog house that has not been treated with any toxic chemicals that may be dangerous for your pet.

  • Roofing

When it comes to roofing, the most functional dog houses come with roofs that slant, allowing water to easily run off, especially when it rains. Also, it should be shingled or feature some other kind of insulation. Whatever kind of roof you go for, if you can help it, pick one that can be detached. Not only would it provide your dog with additional ventilation in hotter temperatures, it also ensures ease of cleaning.

Not all great wooden dog houses come with roofs, though. If you choose those types and wish to use them outside, it would be practical to confirm it can be easily moved around.

Factors to consider when buying wooden dog houses

To pick the perfect wooden dog house for your pet, two major things must be considered.

  • Size of your dog

The size of your dog would determine how big or small the size of the dog house would be. A larger dog would obviously require more space to ensure maximum comfort, while a smaller dog would be content in a smaller space. The space of the dog house should be sufficient enough to contain your pet as well as small additional items like toys and a water or food bowl to be used when needed.

  • Location of use

If you intend to use the dog house both indoors and outdoors, make sure to look out for one that has been coated with a weatherproof treatment. This would make it more resilient in extreme weather conditions, especially humidity or heavy precipitation. It is highly important to be sure that whatever has been used to treat the wood is non-toxic and safe for your canine friend.

You do not need to worry too much about these if you intend to use the dog house indoors. You should only be concerned about its size – it must not occupy a ton of space in your home.

Top 11 Wooden Dog Houses

  1. Pet Squeak Arf Frame Wooden Dog House

The real wood of this dog house is gotten from White Cedar which is famous for its fresh scent, pest resistant qualities and aesthetically pleasing look. It requires assembly but it can easily be completed in under an hour.

It is non-toxic, naturally weather-resistant and lightweight but durable. It also features a raised floor which helps to improve and maximize ventilation as well as insulation. It is available in four sizes.


  • It naturally repels pests.
  • The material is safe for your dog.
  • It is naturally weather-resistant.
  • It comes with a raised floor.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Some users complained about the unpleasant smell.

  1. Petsfit Dog House with Wire Door

In addition to a few others, one attractive feature of this wooden dog house is that its top can be opened. It also has a wire door and features a solid structural design constructed with natural cedar.

It is easy to set up and is portable. It is available in two sizes and colors and if desired, you can paint over it or stain it.


  • Its top can be opened for easy cleaning and more ventilation.
  • It is portable.
  • Assembly is fast and easy.
  • A door is included.


  • Consider a different dog house if you own a dog that is an escape artist.
  • It can only be used indoors.

  1. Petsfit Wooden Outdoor Dog House

This dog house boasts of panel walls that are 4mm thicker than most outdoor dog houses currently on the market. It is made of cedar, a well-known anti-rot material. The detachable reinforced floor features perfectly spaced slats to ensure ease of cleaning. This also means more ventilation on hotter days; however, when temperatures drop, you can place a pillow, heat mat or blanket on the floor for warmth.

The top of this dog house can be opened and has been painted with non-toxic and water-resistant paint. It is weatherproof and has been designed with pre-drilled holes to make for quicker and stress-free assembly. It is available in four different sizes and two colors.


  • The floor can be removed for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Its top can be opened to provide additional ventilation when needed.
  • It is made with sturdy and durable cedar, popular for its anti-rot properties.
  • Every material is safe and non-toxic.
  • It is weather-resistant.


  • Consider another option if your pet is a chewer with destructive tendencies.

  1. TANGKULA Outdoor Dog House

The simple and functional design of this dog house has been solidly constructed with fir wood and red asphalt roofing.

Its feet are made of durable and sturdy plastic, which can be adjusted for use on any surface. It is available in four sizes and comes in pre-drilled holes to make assembly less tedious.


  • It comes with an asphalt roof that provides insulation.
  • Its plastic feet are adjustable.


  • This dog house may not last so long in the hands of an aggressive chewer.

  1. Merry Products Wooden Dog House with a View

The luxurious and aesthetically pleasing construction of this wooden dog house currently makes it one of the most top-rated. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and features a main house, an appealing latticed balcony and stairs by its side. It is made with kiln-dried weatherproof cedar enhanced with natural color stains to increase its durability and make it more pleasing to look at.

Though it comes already stained, you can re-stain it if you like, as with any wood. To keep your pet dry, it has an elevated bottom. For ease of cleaning, its roof and floor panels can be detached without difficulty. It comes with hardware and instructions that help with making assembly as smooth and seamless as possible. It is available in just one size and is suitable for smaller dog breeds.


  • It features a creative and stylish design.
  • Naturally weatherproof cedar has been used in building it.
  • Its bottom is elevated for better air circulation.
  • The roof and floor are detachable for a more thorough cleaning of the dog house.
  • It can be easily assembled.


  • It comes in one size suitable for only small dogs.

  1. Petsfit Indoor Dog House with Stairs

Ideal for small dogs less than 20lbs, this dog house has been made with non-toxic superior wood. The wood is painted but can be stained or re-painted if preferred.

It features a modern design which has been built for comfort without compromising its quality and durability. It is easy to assemble and clean.


  • It has been built with non-toxic materials.
  • It is durable and comfortable.
  • Is quick to assemble.


  • It can only fit small dog breeds.
  • It has been designed only for indoor use.

  1. TRIXIE Pet Products Dog House with Balcony

This wooden dog house has been designed with comfort in mind and is made from non-toxic fir wood which has been treated to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a result, this dog house will last for years with minimal maintenance. Your pet can enjoy this dog house inside and outside, on the included balcony with a wooden lattice wall or its spacious interior.

Its raised bottom and removable floor panel increase air flow and ensures your pet stays dry when the ground is wet or cold. Included in the pack are all the necessary tools needed to make assembly a breeze. It is most ideal for small dogs of all ages.


  • It has been made with fir wood which has been sealed with a weatherproof treatment.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has an elevated bottom for better air circulation.
  • Assembly can be completed in no time at all.


  • Its biggest size is still not large enough for a bigger dog breed.

  1. Pet Squeak Dog House with Porch

This lightweight but tough dog house has been luxuriously designed and built with top-rated cedar, which is guaranteed to last long. It is resistant to pests and naturally withstands the harshest weather conditions.

Its raised floor has been adapted to improve air circulation and keep your pet away from wet or cold grounds. It is affordable, not difficult to put together and available in three sizes from small to large.


  • It has been soundly constructed with naturally weatherproof and pest-resistant cedar.
  • It features raised floors to protect your pet from cold or wet grounds and maximize air flow.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • It is pest resistant.


  • Some reviewers would have preferred that the door swings in both inward and outward directions.

  1. TRIXIE Pet Products Clubhouse

What makes this dog house so durable is that it has been built with strong and resilient pine wood treated with a weatherproof sealer. Its exterior features a tongue-and-groove setup that effectively keeps the draft away. The flat and hinged shingled roof of this wooden dog house can be opened for extra ventilation and for ease of cleaning.

Its foundation is slightly elevated to promote additional ventilation beneath it. It also works to regulate the temperature of the dog house, ensuring it stays cool in the summer but warm and dry in the winter. In addition, your pet would also be fully shielded from the cold or wet ground.

The plastic feet can be easily adjusted for use on uneven terrain and the floor can be taken out for adequate cleaning. Its assembly is quick and easy. It can be bought in various sizes and its biggest size is ideal for large breed dogs weighing up to 95 lbs.


  • The pine wood used in making it has been treated to make it water-resistant and weatherproof.
  • The ground is slightly raised to allow more ventilation and maintain comfortable interior temperature in any weather.
  • Its hinged roof can be opened so the dog house can be better cleaned.


  • Though it is big enough for a larger dog, it would be better to use it for an older, slower pet.
  • Unfortunately, it is not properly insulated.

  1. Best Choice Products Wooden Log Cabin

Provide comfort for your dog with this stylish but practically designed wooden dog house made with durable fir wood and an asphalt shingle roof. Its raised floor means two things – your pet enjoys increased air circulation while also staying dry and warm, safely away from wet and drafty grounds.

The off-centered entryway provides protection from harsh weather conditions. Its slanted roof can be raised to give the dog house a proper clean as well as to air it out.


  • It features an off-centered entryway which protects your pet from severe weather.
  • Its slanted roof allows water to easily run off. It can also be raised and hinged to clean your pet’s home more thoroughly.


  • It comes in just one size which can only comfortably fit small to medium dogs.
  • A few users stated that though it is excellent for summer seasons, it isn’t sufficiently treated for use in winter.

  1. Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

To protect your pet form harsh weather conditions, the entryway of this wooden dog house has been placed slightly off-center while its slanted asphalt roof effectively keeps water away.

The tough cedar has been coated with a weather-resistant treatment to make it more long-lasting. It comes with adjustable plastic feet to help your pet stay dry when it rains. It can be bought in any one of three sizes.


  • It features a slanted asphalt roof that effectively repels water.
  • It comes with adjustable plastic feet.
  • The door of this dog house has been purposely placed off-center to protect your pet from the elements.
  • It is durable and weather-resistant.


  • It may come apart more quickly when used by a boisterous dog.

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On Wooden Dog Houses in General

Giving your pets their own personal space is always a welcome idea, especially when you both spend long hours outdoors. If you intend on providing a strong, practical and long-lasting habitation for your pet, a wooden dog house would be the best bet.

When making your selection, pay the most attention to the size and activities of your pet, as well as where the dog house would be used. While you may not find one that has every quality you require, those are the most important factors to consider in order to select a dog house most ideal for your pet.

The highest quality wooden dog houses are able to withstand tough weather conditions. However, no matter how well-insulated or well-ventilated a dog house is, if the weather is extremely severe, take your pet indoors with you.


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