Buying Guide for The Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems with Top 5 Picks

Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems

Wireless dog fence systems can be regarded as fence systems with no physical barrier. There are times when your dog will feel being left out because of physical barriers such as wooden, brick and metal fences.

Dogs will prefer wireless fences because they are not a physical barrier and the boundary can be increased or decreased depending on your needs. Wireless fence system comes with numerous benefits aside from not creating physical barriers.

These wireless fences come in different shapes and capabilities. You will also find extra accessories in some products, these include extra batteries and collars. It is important that you read up on benefits and ways of selecting the right fence before investing in these products.

Here’s the table of top 5 wireless dog fence systems. Explanations are coming below.

Product Feature Expert Rating
PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay Wireless Fence Comes with adjustable collar with in-built rechargeable battery. Winner
JIEYUAN Wireless Electric Dog Fence Pet Containment System Comes with cordless radial shaped boundary that is adjustable range of 10-900 feet Runner Up
Upgraded 2019 JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence Electric Pet Containment System Cordless radial boundary that is adjustable from between 10 and 1000 feet. 2nd Runner Up
Angela Kerry Invisible Pet Containment System Collar with in-built rechargeable battery Editor Choice
OCEVEN Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS, Outdoor Invisible Pet Containment System Comes with a GPS for tracking and measuring distance covered by transmission. Extra One

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wireless Dog Fence System

Just before considering your options of wireless dog fences, you need to understand what exactly this type of fence is. For many centuries, dog owners have relied on wooden fences to protect and prevent their dogs from running after other animals and even being attacked by stray animals.

The wireless dog fence is an invisible boundary, within which your dog can be protected. With this device, you don’t have to leash your dog, while it roams freely and plays, within your yard.

Wooden fences used to be some of the oldest options before now but these dog fences were eventually discovered to have a number of limitations.

There are so many reasons to consider a wireless fence system. They are more affordable than the traditional fences, and they will not impede on the view of your property.

Also, if you choose an electric fence for dogs, you can easily control when to activate or deactivate such a fence depending on the need of the dog.

The battery-powered fences are convenient wireless fences that you can take with you on trips, vacations, and camping. Installation is a lot easier with wireless fences than any other type of traditional dog fence.

How Does the Wireless Dog Fence Work?

The wireless dog fence works with an electronic transmitter that sends radio signals to a dog collar o its neck. When the dog approaches the boundary, the transmitter will give it a mild and harmless shock. With the shock, the dog will return to the area within its boundary.

Generally, a wireless dog fence can cover up to 5 acres of an area. If you have to expand the coverage beyond 5 acres, you will have to purchase an extension kit. There are some invisible fences that can cover up to 25 acres at a time but they are more expensive.

The best wireless dog fence system doesn’t have to be the one with the widest coverage, it should be the one that provides you ideal coverage. Don’t invest in an invisible dog fence that covers 20 acres when all you need is a 5-acre boundary fence.

The wireless fence is quite easy to set up. Follow instructions in setting up the transmitter and place the collar on the dog’s neck.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Dog Fence?

There are so many reasons you should consider wireless dog fence systems, perhaps the number one is that you don’t have to dig up any ground to erect them.

1.    Fewer Maintenance Costs

Another reason you should consider a wireless dog fence is the very minimal maintenance cost. Most of these fence systems come with extra rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be reused for several years as long as you recharge them fully before usage.

Wired fences and other physical fences will require regular replacement and other maintenance services such as painting. This will cost a fortune in the long run. Less maintenance cost also means there will be no need for replacing the fence from time to time.

2.    No weather Effects

Though winter conditions may reduce signal strength between the dog’s collar and transmitter, this can be easily dealt with in several ways. Some dog wireless fences come with range extenders to increase signal strengths in adverse weather conditions.

Adverse weather conditions can lead to serious deterioration of other types of fences such as wooden and wired fences. Weather conditions can cause corrosion of wired fences, which means you need to replace them often. When you use wired dog fences or other forms of painted fences such as metals and woods, you have to repaint every now and then.

3.    Portability

Wireless dog fences are mostly lightweight, and this portability makes them very convenient to handle. With portability, you can take a wireless fence everywhere you go. The portability of the fences makes it easier for dog owners to take their dogs on vacation, beaches, parks, and every other public place.

With a wireless fence, you can control the movement of your dog without causing conveniences to other people within the place.

4.    Easy to Install

The ease of installation of a wireless dog fence makes it desirable. Considering the amount of energy, labor, and tile you will spend erecting a fence or wired dog fence? All it takes to install a wireless fence is to set up the transmitter and make sure it transmits signals from the collar on the neck of your dog.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a typical wireless dog fence, all you need is a manual and the kits included in the package is included. There are some invisible fences that can be incorporated into your smart home system. With this incorporation, you can easily control the use of the fence from anywhere.

5.    It Does Not Block the Landscape of your Property

Unlike physical fences that may fully or partially block your property’s landscape, wireless fences do not create such problems. With a wireless dog fence, you shouldn’t worry about blocking your landscape from its beautiful view.

Obstructing your landscape from the outside is bad, especially when you are planning to sell the property in the nearest future. With a wireless fence, you can create a boundary for your dog without interfering with the landscape of the area.

6.    Very Economical

Wireless dog fences are cost-effective, especially when compared to other types of fences. Despite costing less, wireless fences provide better and more efficient protection for your dogs. The costs compared to the quality of services are very high, hence these fences are a great bargain for your investment.

7.    You Get to Choose the Range

Dog fences that are wireless are customizable, and one of such options is choosing the range of coverage. Most wireless fences allow between 10 and 1000 feet of signal coverage. This means you can choose to reduce the coverage depending on the present situation and needs.

Physical fences do not come with such customizable options, you have to erect them once and you can’t shift their position beyond your property. Wired fences have limitations.

8.    Good for a herd of dogs

With wireless fences, numerous dogs can be included within the boundaries. You will have to give each dog individual collars to have them restricted by the wireless fence. Some product brands do come with multiple collars and that will make it easier to add more dogs to the boundary.

9.    Helps in Dog Training

If you are having difficulties in training your dog on boundary related disciplines, you can rely on the wireless fence for great help. Some of the wireless fences come with training mode where your dog can quickly get used to the harmless shocks and beeps before it becomes independent within the boundary.

Most beginner dog owners use the wireless fence training mode at the beginning to get their dog used to such fences. Stubborn breeds such as Border Collies, for instance, can be retrained with the use of wireless fences.

10.    Completely safe

Contrary to popular belief that wireless fences can cause electrical shocks that can kill dogs, the reverse is the case. The electrical shocks are completely harmless and wouldn’t harm your dog. You can set the signal mode at beeping/vibration or shocks.

When your dog is used to the beeping sound, there will be no need to send electrical shocks when it passes the boundaries.

The fence system comes with different correctional levels that can be changed to suit your dog’s personality.

11.    Comes with Warranty

Most wireless dog fences do come with limited warranties that cover broken parts. The best wireless dog fence systems for your dog should come with a money-back guaranty. Some products do come with 90-day money-back guaranty if the device doesn’t work or gets broken.

It is important to check whether the product you choose comes with a warranty or not, not all products have these warranties.

What are the Main Parts or Components of the Wireless Dog Fence?

The typical wireless dog fence comprises of three main parts;

  • The signal transmitter.
  • The wireless dog collar, and
  • The wireless internet connection.

The transmitter is connected to the Internet connectivity and it makes use of a motion sensor to determine when the dog is getting close or cross the boundaries. It is the transmitter that sends signals to the collar on the neck of the dog. The collar also comprises a receiver sensor that detects signals from the transmitter.

What to Consider Before Choosing A Wireless Dog Fence

There are a wide range of factors or considerations you must make before you purchase a wireless dog fence;

1.    Always go for A Product Containing all Accessories

According to wireless dog fence reviews, the ideal invisible dog fence is the one that comes with all necessary accessories. Buying a product that comes with all accessories will save you costs and time you will spend on buying accessories separately.

The most important accessories, in this case, are the dog’s collar, also known as receiver collar in different sizes, replaceable batteries, and the transmitters. Getting a product with extra battery is even more desirable.

Some brands do offer an extra replacement collar as well as replaceable batteries.

2.    The Rechargeable battery options are Better

Electric dog fences come in different types of batteries, these could be non-rechargeable and rechargeable options. If you choose the non-rechargeable battery type you may be unable to use your invisible fence when there is an outage of electricity.

Rechargeable batteries can last for several hours to a few days on a single charge. You need these types of batteries to save on the costs of replacing batteries always. You should be able to recharge batteries of wireless fences within 2-6 hours.

3.    Go for Products That are Weatherproof

Not all wireless dog fences come with weather-proof products. It is also important to note that adverse weather conditions can rapidly reduce the effectiveness of transmitters and receivers. Make sure you opt for water-proof, snow-proof and heat-resistant products.

4.    The Number of Dogs

It is important to note that while some wireless dog fences are designed for more than 10 dogs, others are only designed for 1 or 2. You need to keep this factor in mind when choosing the right product. Don’t estimate the number of dogs that can be contained within the wireless fence.

Most manufacturers will indicate how many adult dogs a wireless fence can contain. If you have a herd of small puppies, you may want to estimate that 2 puppies equal one adult dog. Do not under-estimate the size of the fence of you keep more than 2 dogs at a time.

You need to also pay attention to the numbers of collars and receivers included in the package. Most manufacturers may include 1-2 extra collars and receivers in the package. This means you may have to purchase an extra collar and receiver if you have more than one.

5.    Range

Pay close attention to the range of connectivity. Wireless fences have varying wavelength and frequencies of connectivity between the collar receiver and transmission device. Make sure you choose a wider range of connectivity just in case you are planning to remodel your home soon.

6.    The Correction Function is Important

The correction function of a wireless fence for a dog is the ability to change the beep and shock settings of the device.  Make sure you go for a product that gives you the flexibility to change the correction function of the device so that your dog will not be inconvenienced and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The failure to consider the correction function of your dog’s beep and shock settings can lead to fatal shocks on your dogs, especially the little puppies. You need to be aware of the minimum and maximum settings of the correction function.


Top 5 Best Wireless Dog Fences for You


1. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay Wireless Fence

This wireless fence is most suitable for dogs weighing more than 8 pounds.  It comes with 5 different levels of adjustable correction, which means you can adjust it based on your dog’s attitude and obedience.

With this wireless fence, it is possible to add more dogs with the use of extra wireless receiver collars. One 6V battery has been included alongside 2 extra batteries. You need to charge the battery for about 4 hours to use it for the whole day.

At less than 4 oz. This product is very lightweight, perhaps one of the lightest you can find around. The manufacturers claimed that this is the ideal invisible fence for the stubbornness dog species out there.

–    Pros

  • There is a tone-only mode alert which means the device doesn’t have to send harmless shocks each time.
  • There is a low battery indicator that flashes every 5 seconds when the battery power has gone down. The battery is completely rechargeable.
  • You can use this wireless fence to protect as many as 6 dogs at a time. The rechargeable battery is fully charged under 3 hours and it can last for more than2 weeks.
  • comes with variable correction levels that suit the personality of your dog.

–    Cons

  • It only fit dog necks of between 8 and 26 inches in size.

You can find this product here.


2. JIEYUAN Wireless Electric Dog Fence Pet Containment System

This is a custom shape wireless dog fence, rated for its ability to adjust its range from 10-900 feet for your dog.

This device works with vibration and static shock mode, which is automatically triggered when the dog exceeds the boundary.

It comes with collar water resistant rating of IPX 7. Your dog can wear the collar even when it is raining or when it is playing with the sprinkler.

The receiver caller comes with a highly durable, rechargeable battery. The package itself comes with 2 universal adapters, while the battery comes with low power indicator.

The package comes with 14 training flags plus 8 collar contacts.

–    Pros

  • The anti-over shocking feature ensures that the dog does not get too many electrical shocks. This feature also means you don’t have to worry when there is a power cut or sudden transmitter shut down.

–    Cons

  • It is only recommended for dogs weighing 10 pounds and above.
  • This product is not recommended for indoor usage because of the possibilities of too many signal interferences.

This product can be purchased from here.


3. Upgraded 2019 JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence Electric Pet Containment System


According to wireless dog fence amazon reviews, this is one of the best-rated products you can find in the market. The signal stability and accurateness of this device are guaranteed 100%. It provides fast synchronization.

It works with a range of between 10 and 1000 feet, making it one of the most efficient boundaries for numerous dogs.

The water-resistant collar has an IPX7 rating which means it can be worn on the dog even under wet conditions.

Comes with an advance collar receiver with a rechargeable in-built battery that only requires 4-5 hours of charging to make it last for the entire day.

The package comes with a collar receiver, 14 training flags, 2 transmitter wall mount screws, 4 collar contacts, and 1 test light tool. The manual is quite simple enough to help you set the invisible fence up.

–    Pros

  • It is perfect for a herd of 2-4 dogs

–    Cons

  • Most suitable for dogs that weigh 10 pounds or more.

You check out the price and reviews from here.


4. Angela Kerry Invisible Pet Containment System

Affordability is one of the reasons you should consider this wireless fence system, for your dog. Though it seems cheaper than others, it does not compromise on quality standards. It covers around 800 meters in distance, and the GPS signal stability is great!

There is no need for a transmitter and remote control here because all the functions are safely integrated into the collar. It comes with an IP66 waterproof rating,  and it is most suitable for outdoor areas, including the beaches and parks.

–    Pros

  • Comes with an automatic protection design where the harmless shock doesn’t last more than 20 seconds when the dog leaves its boundary. It takes a minute break, before it sends another shock sensation, to ensure that the animal is not over-stimulated.
  • All features are in-built into the collar; hence there is no need to purchase a transmitter, and remote control system.
  • One of the most affordable wireless dog fences you will ever find.

–    Cons

  • Though the absence of remote control and transmitter means more convenience, losing the collar means you will lose the entire wireless dog fence.
  • Not suitable for dogs that weigh lesser than 15 lbs.

Check out the updated price here.


5. OCEVEN Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

This is perhaps one of the best wireless dog fence systems you can find around. It is innovative in every way. It works in a circle and the satellite is always picking up the position of the collar at any point in time.

The GPS system has an anti-interference feature to sustain the signal strength.  In addition to the inclusion of all necessary accessories, this device comes with 2 pieces of toys for your pet.  The device works by connecting to the satellite. It is completely water-proof and the batteries are rechargeable.

–    Pros

  • The GPS ensures that there is no interference from metals and other items, hence you will get the right signals always.
  • It comes with safe-training mode, which is helpful for beginners using the fence for the first time. This means there is a minute stoppage time in between shocks sent to collars. This feature will help your dog gets used to the device.
  • Comes with 90-day money-back guaranty plus customer technical support.

–    Cons

  • You will have to reprogram the device, each time you put the collar on the dog.

You can find this product here.



It pays to conduct some tests on the wireless fence you choose. This will help you determine how easy or difficult it is to control such products in the long run. Remember, your dog may react negatively in the first instance when exposed to an invisible fence.

It is important that you change the default settings to the lowest correctional setting. This will help your dog get used to the vibration, shocks, and beeps. A dog that is subjected to severe shocks and vibration may suddenly lose interest in outdoor activities. You need to study your dog’s reaction to the fence to be sure of its readiness to abide by your rules.

In addition to compatibility issues between your dog and the invisible gate, it is also important to read the manual of the product. Usually, manufacturers will include information such as maintenance routine and other essential info you need to have about the use of the wireless fence.

Be wary of extremely cheap invisible fence for dog products.  Usually, most cheap products have fewer accessories which means you will spend more buying those accessories separately.  Make sure you consider the number of dogs you have because they require individual collars that will be wirelessly connected to the transmitter.

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