Top 13 Best Vibrating Dog Collars in 2019 Review and Buying Guide

A vibrating dog collar is a special type of dog caller that works like a pager. It has two main component parts; the collar that circles the neck of the dog, as well as a hand-held control unit that can be operated by the owner. Once the remote button on the hand-held control is pressed, the collar will vibrate hence the dog will get the attention of the owner.

Here’s a table of Top 5 Best Vibrating Dog Collar:


Vibrating dog collar








The ZBLLM Bark Collar

Produces some ultra-sound and harmless vibration for small to medium size dogs  $$  5/5

Yao Yeow dog bark collar


This is a rechargeable vibrating dog collar, for the small, medium and large dogs

$$  5/5
 The Bark Collar (2018 New Version)  

Produces a harmless, and safe shock to get the attention of your dog. It comes with a training mode for users






Enrivik small dog bark collar


This is a rechargeable and water-proof vibrating dog collar for the smallest dog




Folksmate 2018 Upgraded Bark collar


This is a USB rechargeable bark collar for the small, medium and large dogs






Buying Guide for the Best Vibrating Dog Collar

If you want to buy the best vibrating dog collar, then you should consider some factors when making your final choices;

1: Adjustability

Vibrating dog callers come in a wide range of sizes but the best vibrating dog caller is the one with the most flexible adjustability. The vibrating dog collar must also possess adjustable settings for the vibration and must be harmless.

2: Result

An ideal vibrating dog collar must provide a very fast result. The best vibrating dog collar must provide few vibrations in order to correct a dog’s bad behavior such as unnecessary barking. It may take a longer time for most vibrating collars to train the most stubborn dogs, but a good caller must provide quicker results with averagely stubborn dogs.

3: Price

You should know that the more accessorize a vibrating collar is, the more expensive it will get. Good vibrating dog collars will cost between $20 and $300 depending on the accessories found on them. The type of remote control, the presence of adjustable vibration or shock settings, and the range of distance where the collar can be controlled, are some of the few options that can increase the prices of dog collars.  The more the accessories available on a vibrating dog collar, the higher the flexibility of usage, however, you can still find highly accessorized vibrating dog collars between $29 and $40.

4: Strength and durability

An ideal vibrating dog collar must last for several years and must be comfortable on the dog. This is the reason why you need to check the product reviews for each dog collar before purchasing one.

The Best Vibrating Dog Collar Reviews

When it comes to the best vibrating collar, it all depends on the type of dog that needs to be controlled. Generally, the faster the vibration, the easier it gets in controlling the behavior of a dog. According to the best vibrating dog collar reviews, the following are perhaps the most suitable options to consider especially when buying a vibrating dog collar for the first time.

#1: The ZBLLM Bark Collar

This is a harmless, gentle and effective vibrating collar for dogs. The ultrasound and vibration are progressive in nature; hence you can choose the best sensitive levels for the ideal vibration setting to control the dog. This collar is recommended mostly for dogs weighing more than 6lbs. and older than 6 months of age.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding ZBLLM Bark Collar

Suitable for all sizes of dogs The 100% refund on product only last for few weeks.
It comes with an anti-false triggering feature to prevent unnecessary vibration on the dog.  


It comes with 100% refund if it does not control the dog.  


#2: Yao Yeow dog bark collar

This smart dog collar has been equipped with the latest anti-injury chip that will prevent false triggering hence it works when your dog barks and not when the dog is disturbed by other animals. Quite affordable when compared to similar brands with the same functionality.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Yao Yeow Dog Collar

It comes with a rechargeable battery that will last for 14 days when fully recharged. Suitable for dogs weighing between 6-120 lbs.
It comes with a 30-day money back guaranty.
It comes with a USB rechargeable port that makes it easy for recharging.

#3: The Bark Collar (2018 New Version)

This is a painless and effective bark collar, suitable for small and medium size dogs. It comes with 3 training modes which are ; The warning sound mode, The vibration mode, and the gentle shock mode. It also comes with adjustable vibration modes 0-7 , which allows the user to vary the intensity of the vibration , according to the response of the dog.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding The Bark Collar 2018

Comes with a smart Injury technology that gets the dog in a sleep mode for 1 minute if the vibration is triggered 7 times.
It comes with 3 training modes plus adjustable vibrations from 0-7. It is mostly suitable for small to medium size dogs.
It comes with a USB rechargeable feature and it is rainproof.

#4: Enrivik small dog bark collar

This is a no shock bark collar, with waterproof features, and it is designed for the small to medium size dogs who constantly bark. This affordable dog bark collar does not com with any spiky prongs, and it helps train a dog for good behavior quickly.  It comes with varying intensity and levels, including the warning level which is the lowest control for barking dogs.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Enrivik Dog Collar

100% safe with no electric shocks. It is designed for dogs with neck sizes of between 6”-23”.
There are no false triggers here, due to the micro-chip embedded in the collar.
It is rechargeable and waterproof.
It is quite affordable.

#5: Folksmate 2018 Upgraded Bark collar

This is an ideal vibrating dog collar for small, medium and large dogs. It works by producing sounds, and vibration, it is waterproof, and rechargeable. It comes with 3 levels of stop-barking modes, which are ; beep, vibration , and shock, likewise it comes with 7 different adjustable sensitivity allowing the user to adjust according to the dog’s reaction.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Folksmate Bar collar

Comes with an auto-protection mode to de-activate the collar if it keeps activating up to 7 minutes It comes with a shock feature to stop a dog from barking, though it is subtle and rarely used until the dog wouldn’t stop barking.
Comes with an intelligent barking detection of a dog’s intention to bark.
One charge can make the device usable for up to 20 days before the next recharge.

Other top vibrating dog collars worth considering:

#6: Xvolt Bark Collar Smart Detection Anti-bark mode

This is an anti-bark collar for the small, medium and large size dogs. It comes with 7 different adjustable sensitivity levels for a comfortable control of you dog. It does not produce any shock and it produces both sounds and vibration for effective control of your dog’s behavior. It is completely rechargeable and does not generate a voltage higher than 9V. It is suitable mostly for dogs weighing between 15 and 150 lbs.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Xvolt Bark Collar


#7: The Dog Bark Collar Upgrade (2018)

This is one of the top range vibrating dog collars you should consider if you are searching for a collar that can be adjusted for small, medium and large dog breeds. The chip of this device is one of the main components upgraded, and it now comes with 7 adjustable levels that can be changed according to the breed and behavior of a dog. It also comes with a nylon material strap that has reflective stripes. This collar is ideal for dogs weighing between 11 and 110lbs.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding The Dog Bark Collar Upgrade


#8: REGIROCK 2018 dog bark collar

This is an ideal dock bark collar for the small, medium and large size dogs with a vibration detection chip that is only triggered only when the dog barks and not when it is howling or being disturbed by other dogs. This collar also comes with an in-built receiver that automatically protects the dog from shocks. The collar automatically deactivates itself once the vibration has been triggered consistently for 7 times. It is an affordable collar that offers great value for its price.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Regirock Dog Collar


#9: The 2018 HUMANE Bark collar vibration

This is an ideal vibrating dog collar for the small and medium size dogs. The vibrating dog collar comes with 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity levels and it does not come with any neck prongs neither does it generate shocks. The portable device is suitable for dogs weighing between 5 and 90 lbs. The neck measurement of this collar is adjustable from 4” to 20”.  This is a durable, and reflective dog collar that is affordable for everyone.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding The 2018 HUMANE Bark Collar


#10: The PetSpy M86N Dog training shock collar

One of the things that makes this vibrating dog collar unique is that it comes with a money-back guaranty, especially when it fails to change your dog’s behavior within few days. The rechargeable and waterproof beep control provides three dog training modes; Shock, vibration, and Beep . In addition to the training mode, the device also comes with 8 adjustable levels for sensitivity. The package comes with free manual and videos for the dog owners on how to train a dog using the device.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding PetSpy Dog Training Collar


#11: PetAmenity No Barking Control Anti-Bark Collar

This dog collar comes with a dual micro-processor that makes use of sound and vibration to control a dog’s barking. It also comes with a control system that prevents unnecessary triggers especially from other dogs.  The anti-barking collar also comes with a Sleep mode that makes the collar goes into sleep when the dog has barked for 7 times. This is a comfortable lightweight device that comes with a USB rechargeable portion for quick recharge.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding PetAmenity Anti-Bark Collar


#12: PETOWN 2018 version, flashing lights Bark collar, with upgraded smart chip

This is one of the best vibrating dog collar because it comes with the latest smart sensor chip. It comes with 4 adjustable vibrating levels and this device will not work when the dog cries but only when it barks. The flash LED lights make it easier for the dog to travel in the night, while the flash lights can reach more than 200 meters distance. It comes with a waterproof and safe design.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding PETOWN Bark Collar


#13: Barkley’s Bark Control And Training Collar

This is a beautiful dog bark control collar, available in Purple and Blue colors. The vibrating collar is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. The short and long rounded probes make the use of the dog collar more comfortable. This device comes with a 60-day money back guaranty. There are no remote control for this device, yet it can be easily adjusted and used on your dog. The dog collar is suitable for dogs weighing between 8 and 150 lbs. It fits dogs with neck circumference of between 10 and 21”.

Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviews: Check the opinions of other dog owners regarding Barkley’s Collar

How to Use the Vibrating Dog Collars- Tips and Tricks for Using Vibrating Dog Collars

The wireless vibrating collar is powered by at least a single battery, and there is a transmitter that sends signals to the vibrating collar. The shock that the collar applies will give the dog a stimulating sensation which is similar to what the humans experience with a static shock. In most cases, the shock is meant to deter a dog from some undesirable behavior, hence it can be regarded as a positive punishment especially for a dog that doesn’t obey voice commands. To use the vibrating dog collar efficiently, you need to follow these simple steps;

  1. Read the instructions on the manual of the vibrating collar before you put the device on the dog. It is important that you follow instructions on the manual to operate the device safely, without causing injuries to the dog.
  2. Put the batteries inside the collar and in the transmitter. In many cases, you may have to put a minimum of 2 batteries in each of the collar and batteries and make sure they are working before putting the collar on the dog. Make sure you turn off the system and set it to its lowest level before attaching the collar to the neck of the dog. Taking this precaution will ensure that you don’t put an unnecessary shock on the animal.
  3. Attach the collar to the neck of the dog. Check for some collars that come with prongs because they have to touch the dog’s skin, hence you need to ensure that these prongs don’t cause any discomfort. Make sure the collar doesn’t fall off, which means it must be tight but not too tight that the prongs hurt the dog. Don’t make the collar too tight to the extent that the dog develops breathing difficulties. One trick you can use to determine the right collar fitness is to insert your finger in-between the collar and the neck, if your finger goes in without forcing it, then the collar is tight enough, otherwise, it may be too tight. Similarly, if you can insert 3 fingers without troubles, then the collar is still loose.
  4. Another trick is to put the collar on the dog’s neck for a week without turning on the vibration and transmitter. It is important to avoid using the collar right away to avoid making the dog uncomfortable. Wearing the collar for a week before using it will also ensure that the animal gets used to it. It will make the dog associate the wearing of the collar to fun activities and not a form of punishment. The goal of this collar is to help the dog realize that the vibrating shock is a deterrent to bad behavior, hence the dog will eventually avoid the bad behavior to avoid the shock. If you activate the collar out of the box, then the dog may think the issue is with the collar.
  1. Always begin the use of the electronic collar with the training mode, which is normally the lowest shock mode. Observe the reaction of the dog when you eventually activate the collar. In most cases, the dog’s ear may start twitching and the animal may move its head as if it is trying to run away from the collar. If your dog doesn’t respond to the lowest level of stimulation, then you can turn the transmitter to the next higher level of stimulation and try it again.
  2. Reinforce the use of the collar with voice commands. When you start training your dog with an electronic collar, it is important that add voice commands the dog is used to, it will speed up the correction of any bad behavior. Simply say that command for instance, “Sit or Stand” , then wait for the dog to respond after the voice command but if she doesn’t react then you can activate the electronic collar. If the dog doesn’t pay attention to your voice command, you can simply repeat the command and press the vibrating collar at the same time. Praise the animal once she responds with the use of voice command and vibrating collar. Giving the dog some treat at the beginning will encourage her to get used to your command and the vibrating collar.
  3. You need to decide beforehand if the use of an electronic controlled vibrating collar is good for you and your dog. If you want to correct a dog’s behavior, you will likely find the collar very useful, but if you are not correcting any behavior then the vibrating collar wouldn’t serve any purpose, it may end up infuriating the dog and making her shy away from socializing with you.
  4. There are lots of benefits in using the vibrating collar as opposed to the leash. The vibrating collar, for instance, will give your dog lots of freedom, unlike the leash that you have to drag constantly to restrict the movement of the dog. Secondly, dogs respond to vibrating collars more easily than the leash.

As long as you stay within the range of the transmitter, you can always control the attention and movement of your dog. Electrically-operated collars do not irritate the skin of the dog, unlike manual collars and leashes. Some leashes are known to create bruises when used for a prolonged period, and the same goes with manual collars. Vibrating collars, on the other hand, tend to be gentle on the dog and wouldn’t create discomfort except when it is too tight. Perhaps the only downside is that you have to spend extra in replacing dead batteries quite often, especially when you use the vibrating collar frequently. For this reason, it is better to use such a vibrating collar only when you are trying to correct your dog’s behavior. You may as well go for vibrating collars with rechargeable battery option because they tend to last longer than those with replaceable batteries.


Choosing the best vibrating dog collar can be a difficult task, especially for people who are purchasing such a product for the first time. A dog collar is expected to be comfortable on your dog and that is the first priority you must consider and you need to test the collar on the dog before you actually pay for it. In addition to testing the vibrating collar on your dog, you need to pay attention to the response of your dog to different level of sensitivity of a collar, that will help you determine the level of vibration most suitable for training and controlling the dog.

The best vibrating dog collar should come with all necessary features that will make your dog safe, you may want to consider a collar with automatic shut-off or sleep mode that deactivates vibration when your dog has barked several times, this will help protect your dog from any serious injury.

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