Best Dog Toys That Were Ever Created

Don’t you hate when you go to the store, pick out a brand new (maybe even expensive) dog toy for your pooch, and then come home to find that they just tear it to shreds within seconds anyways? We’ve all been there. You can waste a lot of money trying to find a sturdy toy to keep your pup busy for more than a couple of minutes, and without making a mess. This is why we’ve created this toy guide of the three best dog toys to have ever hit the market.

Best Dog Toys That Were Ever Created

Three Best Dog Toys:

#1 – Kong Classic Dog Toy

            The Kong Classic has been providing a satisfying playtime for millions of pups for over forty years. You might ask what all of the fuss is over this little red ball, or so-called “greatest toy,”  and that is its’ multiple functions. You see, there is an opening in the top of the toy that allows you to fit a small treat into (could be peanut butter or a small biscuit) and when you hand it down to your dog, it will create the challenge for them of retrieving the treat from the inside of the toy. Typically, it could take your dog (depending on the size and type of the treat) anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to fish the treat out and eat it. The Kong Classic is also extremely durable because it is designed to withstand your everyday chewers. It is created out of a sturdy rubber formula that is guaranteed to last through everyday use. This toy is more than capable of mentally, and physically, stimulating your pet by keeping them busy throughout the day when you don’t have time to have a serious playtime session.

#2 – Nylabone Chews

            Nylabone Chews are bone-shaped, multi-flavored, dog chew toys. If you happen to look these up, you’ll probably think to yourself that they look just like any other dog bone that you would see in the store, that your dog would have in pieces within five minutes of chewing on it, but that’s not true. The original intent of these chews was to provide a sufficient chewing object for your pets to enjoy, in order to deter them away from chewing on inappropriate items such as your shoes and accessories. Nylabone also offers a little bit extra than most chew toys today. They formulate their dog bones and toys with flavors infused completely through the entire toy to keep your dog interested in the chew itself, instead of running the risk of getting bored and moving on to a new item that they are not allowed to chew up. Nylabone Chews come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and flavors to satisfy your pups and create a variety to choose from so you aren’t always stuck with the same old.

Nylabone Chews

#3 – OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Okay, this one is by far the most impressive. To give you a little bit of background knowledge, veterinarians recommend that pet owners should use slow feeders when providing food for their pets because it aids digestion, reduces bloating, and creates a challenge that will make your pets work a little bit for their food (don’t worry, that’s a good thing). The OurPets IQ Ball is small feeder that allows you to put a small amount of your dogs meal in (or treats) and it only dispenses a bit at a time when the ball is rolled. This gives your dog the exercise they need, while being rewarded for it at the same time! You can adjust the difficulty settings on the interior disc of the toy as well. The design of this toy is very durable to withstand the force of large dogs and is made out of a non-toxic plastic so that you don’t have to worry about your dog getting sick if they were to chew on it.

OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

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What To Look For When Picking Out A New Toy

There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when you are on the search of  new best dog toys for your beloved furry friend. First, check to make sure that the materials (paint, plastic, etc.) won’t be a toxic threat to your dog because the last thing we’d want is to have a sick puppy from a faulty toy. Next, look for toys that will exercise your canine mentally and physically. Examples of these could be the OurPets IQ Ball as described above, or creating a small agility course in your backyard. The last thing you want to look out for are the toys that you know will not last. If they are produced out of cheap plastics or other materials, you know that they won’t hold up under everyday play.

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